Unexpected Color Combinations

I found these great color combos online that I wouldn’t necessarily think of! I like these because they’re unique and something that I’ve never seen before:


Jade and Coral


Violet and Plaster


Indigo and Coffee

Indoor Plants!


Indoor plants are great!! They can be put anywhere and can be grouped or layered for an added effect. You can mix light greens with dark greens, different colored pots, or even throw some colored flowers in the mix as well! There are a million different ways you can go with this idea!

Screens and Room Dividers

Compartmenting off areas in a big room can be done with screen dividers or room dividers. For a more open look, you can opt for something more “light and airy” that doesn’t completely obscure what’s behind it like this:


or if you want a little more privacy and want a look that’s more separated or private, I would go for something like this:



Don’t Forget the Floor!

Do you notice how much it does to this bedroom just to add that vase of flowers and the rug? It adds so much to the room without doing anything to the walls, the bedspread or adding paintings to the wall. You can add a color to the decor of the room just by doing something as simple as adding a rug.

Add Prints to The Accent Pieces-

Prints can make just as big of a difference on accent pieces, such as a lampshade as they do on a bedspread or something larger. You can pick any print you want to! It looks great even if it’s a different shade of a main decorating color in the room.