Love This Tiki Bar

I love the idea of having a Hawaiian or beach-theme in the backyard. This tiki bar (or something like it) would be the perfect touch to have in a yard! You could design the yard around the theme of the bar by planting brightly colored flowers and adding other touches for a tropical feel.


Desk Storage


I love this idea for organizing desks! You take spice jars and use a very strong tape to attach them to the bottom of a cupboard. Then fill them will small desk items such as paper clips, rubber bands, etc.


This is a random post, but I just wanted to say how much I love modern and creative-looking, and very random chairs like this:





New Way To Hang Photos!


Hanging pictures with clothespins on a clothesline is a great way to display pictures while being able to easily change them whenever you feel like it! Clotheslines (or any semi-thick string for that matter) are easy to hang on walls in the house. This is also a cheap way to decorate, because I think everybody likes to save a little money while decorating!