Gourd Garland







I love this gourd garland as well! I would use twine again, but space the gourds out more as they won’t look as good clustered together like the corn does. 





Fall Garland

Summer is almost over and fall is sneaking up very quickly!! I love everything about fall (especially because my birthday is in October!) One of the things I love most is decorating for fall. I love the colors that are involved; the deep reds, burnt oranges and golden hues of yellow. The colors are so warm that it always makes me feel cozy and relaxed.

For the next several days I will be posting ideas for fall!


I love this fall garland. You simply take dried ears of corn and tie them together to make it. I suggest using twine. It won’t stand out and will blend in nicely with the corn.

Create a Floating Deck

I love the idea of a floating deck! This one was made with cedar, a weather-resistant wood. It’s 4-foot sections that are screwed together in an alternating pattern. This one is for sunbathing. I would have a few uses for it, and when it wasn’t being used as a sun deck I would get an outdoor table and chairs set and set it up on there. You then don’t have to worry about the ground being uneven when eating!

Creating a Shady Spot

Trees can take forever to grow, but it only takes a few minutes to put up a canopy! Shade is very important in this hot August sun. A Canopy creates an intimate feeling space in your yard and sections of a space to design around. I would treat it as a room and arrange outdoor furniture around a center point such as a coffee table with an outdoor-feeling centerpiece like fresh flowers from the garden! I’m just bouncing some ideas around but there are so many directions you can take this! Feel free to share any ideas you may have on the subject! 


Ottomans are the best! They are visually appealing and great for storage. You can use them for anything! Extra seating, foot rests, stools, end stands, etc.