Pumpkin Balloons

Pumpkin ballons are super easy to make by filling orange balloons with helium and coloring on them with black permanent markers. This is a very inexpensive craft and presents a huge opportunity for creativity!



Create the look of potions by filling old jars with water and adding food coloring. You can fill them with poppy pods or lotus pods or anything else you want to! Get creative! 

Fall Placemats

Fall placemats are a great way to add a fall touch to your home without spending a ton of money. This particular one is Williams and Sonoma brand and I picked it out because of the fall colors! 

Home Security Systems

It’s incredibly important to keep your home safe. Safety and security is never something to take lightly. A home security system is something that should be on everybody’s list if they don’t already have one.

SpyTown has a great selection of security systems, spy and CCTV cameras, and surveillance cameras. Check out their website and learn even more about their great products and great service that they provide.