Another Fun Way To Hang Pictures

I’m always looking for fun and unique ways to hang pictures! I love this arrangement in particular and just had to share it. This can be done with any pictures, any theme, any colors and any frames. I’m sure you get it by now, so be creative! The reason why I like this arrangement is the common theme of the babies/children and the matching frames. I am also obsessed with black and white photos so of course that caught my eye as well. I would love for my readers to share some other fun and unique ways to hang pictures!

Perfect Winter Decor

I love this idea! The temperature is dropping and we are getting ready for winter. This very easy DIY craft makes a great winter decoration. Fill glass vases 1/3-1/2 full of salt, and add branches. It’s very cheap to do! They look best when grouped and look awesome in a line of different sized/shaped glass vases on a shelf or fireplace.

Bracelet Holder

This is a great idea for a bracelet holder! All you need is a semi shallow wooden box, some wood glue, two corona bottles (or any other kind of bottled beer, I like Corona because they seem more decorative), and of course bracelets to display! Glue the bottles to the bottom of the box, and once they dry add the bracelets and there you have a creative way to hold your bracelets!