A Simple Room Enhancement

Sometimes changing the look of a room can be done with a simple furniture update. A new dining room table like this one can change the whole theme of your room with the addition of a few select accent pieces. You can find dining room tables for moderate cost now days either new from places like Cost Plus or Living Spaces, or you can go the consignment route for higher end designer furniture that is slightly used. And don’t forget the Craigslist and garage sale route – which for those who don’t mind driving, digging and putting in a little TLC, this last option can get you the most bang for your buck.

Once you have the anchor pieces squared away, you can add simple accents like a floor rug, vases, wall art, accent tables, wall mirrors and new lighting. It really depends on your budget, time commitment and overall theme you’re reaching for. Simple and chic can go along way.

Designing Your Wedding Bands

Last week, I posted about designing custom engagement rings and thought while on the topic, now would be a good time to discuss wedding bands too.  There are many options available for couples these days when it comes to selecting wedding bands.

There are the matching his and hers, his and his or hers and hers, there’s online, big box stores, vintage and consignment shops and specialty jewelers.  Whichever avenue you choose, one thing is certain – you will need to decide on the precious metal that will encircle your fingers for years to come. The obvious choices are gold and platinum, but there are other options like titanium wedding bands too.  These are a great for those who like simple, sleek and moderate in price, not to mention they can last a lifetime!

The best way to begin the process, is to determine your lifestyle, both in terms of cost of living and your activities.  If you are the active outdoors type, you may want to go with something like titanium wedding bands as these are more durable and less expensive than gold or platinum.  So they will withstand your adventures and if you happen to lose them, they’re not a fortune to replace.  However you choose, make sure you enjoy the process.  Make a fun day out of it for you and your fiance. Grab lunch, take a road trip to a jeweler, stop by a local tourist point and snap plenty of pictures.  The search is almost if not more fun than the final outcome.

Compact Yet Accessible Artwork Display For Home or Office

If you’re looking for a great way to display and stow artwork and posters but you don’t have a ton of wall space to hang these treasures, using something like blueprint holders like these, can be a helpful and unique way to spice up a room and keep your artwork organized but accessible.

These compact holders can turn a boring corner into a focal point simply by displaying artwork you have yet to frame or prefer to keep unframed and more tangible.  Accenting the holder with a cool plant and comfy chair can bring life to an otherwise unused section of a room.  I’ve found this setup can be ideal for an office, library, great room or even a child’s room.  You can paint the poster bins to match the decor of your room or leave as is. The sturdy base and caster wheels make it easy to move this around.  I’ve even added one of these to each of my kids rooms and used it store magazines and books as well as their artwork.  It keeps everything tidy and seems to encourage more reading .  Now that’s an unexpected bonus!

Updating Your Kitchen in A Day and for Less than $500

Updating your kitchen can be a massive undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be.  It is possible to make some easy and inexpensive changes to spruce up that outdated kitchen of yours without spending too much of your hard earned cash or locking yourself indoors of weeks on end.  By following these easy steps, you can have a new kitchen for less than $500 and still have half your weekend to enjoy your endeavors.

Paint: Choose a color that complements the adjoining rooms without overpowering the existing color palette of your home.  If you have neutral tones in your living or dining room, opt for a warm yellow, soft grey blue or mossy green color for your kitchen.  You can easily repaint your kitchen for about $50 – $80 depending on the size of your room.  Just make sure to get your color in an semi-gloss and do your prep work so you don’t have a ton of cleanup when it’s all said and done.

Accents: Make a stop at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond for some inexpensive accent pieces that can double as storage containers.  You can find many options for $20 – $150.

Plants:  Adding some plants to your kitchen is a great way to add color and warmth without going overboard on cost or color.  Some simple ferns on top of your fridge or cabinets can add dimension and herbs and living spices can soften areas around appliances.  You can expect to spend $20 – $100 on plants.

Hardware: You can easily swap out the hardware on your cabinets, giving them a new look for very little cost.  There are many nice options on eBay or Amazon for $2 – $5 a piece.

Tips for Designing Custom Engagement Rings Together

Design can come in many facets, like a beautifully cut diamond.  And speaking of diamonds, nothing beats designing your own engagement ring. This token of love is not just a promise of the heart, it is a representation of commitment, dedication, loyalty and most importantly a partnership.  Many people think that an engagement ring must be a surprise and while this is customary and even understandable, custom engagement rings can also be the first of many steps taken together as a couple. Whether you like vintage style rings that are ornate or you looking a more classic style engagement ring, you and your soon to be spouse can pick your style of engagement ring together.

Some tips if you go this route:

  1. Set a budget and stick to it.
  2. Be realistic, romantic and practical – it is possible!
  3. Sit down with a reputable jeweler who is known for custom engagement rings.
  4. Be open to suggestions, but still know what you want.
  5. Leave at least one component a surprise.  This can be an accented element like pave set diamonds around the center stone or the addition of another precious gem like a sapphire.
  6. Remember – this is just the first of many investments into a life together, know where the bar should be set so your future endowments to each other can be met without taking out a second mortgage or forgoing your child’s college savings fund!