The Benefits of Tungsten Rings

Earlier this week, I wrote about mens wedding bands and the different types of metal alloys that can be used and I thought this would be a good time to expand on that.  One of the metals that I have recently become very fond of is tungsten.  Tungsten is a wonderful metal that is exotic in look and also its source and it has many benefits.  It’s incredibly strong, virtually indestructible and scratch proof, making rings made out of tungsten a great choice for those who tend to be hard on jewelry or do a lot of manual work with their hands.

Tungsten can also be permanently polished, so there is no need to get a new ring, have it re-dipped or repolished over the years. Many jewelers are so confident in this feature that they even guarantee it and will repolish or replace the ring at no cost.  Try to get that done with gold or platinum!  If you’d like additional tungsten ring info, there are a great many sources, but this site happens to be one of my go to sources.

Shopping for Mens Rings

Shopping for mens titanium rings can be a wonderful experience for a young couple.  It’s one of the few details during the engagement period and leading up to the wedding itself that the guys get to truly enjoy, well past the bachelor party, honeymoon and of course the pending nuptials. There are many choices when it comes to mens wedding bands, from traditional to modern, vintage to alternative.  There are also a number of options when it comes to the types of metal alloys.

No longer is the standard simple yellow gold ring the key to a happy marriage.  Now days, couples can choose from platinum, white gold, titanium, black titanium, tungsten, cobalt and other unique metals. Before you start out on your journey for the perfect ring, make sure you have a good idea of what look you and your fiance are going for, know his ring size and be in agreement on budget and your maximum spend.

Stress Free Wedding Design Tips

One of my friends is in full blown wedding planning mode and while I think she is loving the process, is realizing what it means to have pre-wedding stress.  Grooms often don’t understand how stressful it can be to plan a wedding, especially if you are planning it yourself and on a budget.  Everything adds up, but in the end, all that really matters is that the bride and groom are happy at the end of the day.  Of all the details that need to be planned and designed,  from my experience the most important is your wedding jewelry.  The cake, the flowers, even the dress – are all temporary, regardless of how beautiful and stunning they are on your wedding day.  Your jewelry however, is for a lifetime.

If you’re looking for wedding rings orange county, there is no shortage of options.  You can take a short drive up to Los Angeles and hit the diamond district or you can source local jewelers who can specialize in establishing a lifelong relationship with you.  My husband and I went the LA route, but if we had to do it all over again, I would much prefer to have picked out our wedding rings orange county with a smaller more custom jeweler who would treat us like a friend not just one of many customers.  From getting your wedding rings cleaned to adding on for anniversary presents, local is better in my opinion.

The Shoe Storage Dilemma

A common dilemma for many busy families is where to put shoes and when to remove them.  You spend a lot of money on your shoes for your family and the thought of leaving them in the garage or outside isn’t comforting, especially in areas where inclement weather is always on the horizon.  On the other hand, walking inside with dirty shoes isn’t helpful or inviting when cleaning the floors becomes more than a weekly chore, but rather an everyday occurrence.  But just where do you store shoes in your home so that it’s clean and convenient, as well as out of sight?

Enter the staircase storage.  This trick is perfect for second story homes.  The bottom few stairs can be easily converted into shoe storage making the hassle of taking shoes on and off, piling up at your entryway and the need for daily floor cleaning disappear – as perfectly as the shoes themselves.  Another option is the entryway storage bench for those in single story homes.

White Kitchen Remodel

Nothing says clean and crisp like a sparkling white kitchen.  A few years ago, the renovated kitchen trend had to include granite countertops, tumbled stone or mosaic backsplashes, stainless steel appliances, dark cherry wood cabinetry and kitchen islands in order to be considered remodeled or current.  Now there isn’t anything wrong with all those amenities, in fact they are quite nice, but the combination became so trendy that for many, this style has run its course.

Many people are interested in character and function more so than the current trend and people are venturing out into different directions when it comes to redesigning their kitchens.  One refreshing remodel is the white kitchen.  White cabinetry really opens up a kitchen and gives the room a sense of comfort.  It’s stark, clean feel contrasts nicely with dark hard wood floors or even nice tiled floors with bright accent rugs like these found at Target.  Refacing your cabinets with a combination of glass doors and full wood panels works well with white cabinets.  Add in a nice neutral colored tile backsplash,  recessed lighting and pale wall color creates a perfect landscape for a white kitchen.