Designing the Perfect Summer Outfit

When it comes to planning an outfit, to pull it off well, you must consider the whole package and remember that presentation is key.  First start with your core which encompasses your clothes.  Great summer colors are bright and bold or stark contrasts like black and white.  Pair a white skirt with a royal blue top.  Next consider your footwear.  Depending on the activity or time of day, you will want to make a footwear selection that is first a matter of comfort, then followed by style.

Next you’ll look at accessories.  Titanium jewelry is a great option for summer outfits as it is incredibly light weight and goes well with just about anything.  Another option is tungsten.  You can learn more about tungsten carbide jewelry online, but this like titanium is a sturdy metal that can work well with as understated jewelry, giving just enough to complete the outfit without overpowering, remember, Summer is about low key, no fuss, fun, so it’s best to replicate this feeling in your outfit too.

Summer Glow

A great way to kick off the summer is with what I call, a summer glow.  We often tend to think of candles as a winter and fall decor item, but candles are great in the summer too as they help transition from long afternoon sunshine to the soft color of summer dusk. To pull this off, you’ll need to invest in some new candles of various shapes, sizes and scents.

One of my new favorite types of candles are Kringle Candles.  These candles last longer and the scents they have are unmatched.  A great way to add a variety of candles without making your house look like a box of crayons exploded, is to get candles in a monochromatic scheme.  Meaning, select a shade of color and then pick several candles in that color with varying degrees from light to dark.  This ensures you are adding color without going overboard.

Securing Your Home Sweet Home

It’s a good idea to think of your home the way others do.  How does it look from the street, does it look warm and inviting or is it a little closed and stand offish? When designing a home, people often only think of the aesthetics and stop there, but it’s a important to take it step further and think about protecting your investments.

Installing security cameras is a great start to securing your home.  These can be linked to internal monitors so you can see who is approaching or lurking around your home.  Adding outdoor lighting, either motion censored lights or making dark areas lit with lanterns or outdoor lighting is also a helpful way to securing your home.  Stopping mail and newspaper delivery while out of town is still a basic but key approach.  And finally, check the perimeter of your home to make sure there aren’t any places that could be hiding places for unwanted guests (either crooks or critters) and make sure your pathway to your home is free of any potential accidents.

Beach Designs

Summer is almost upon us and with summer, one can’t help but to think of the beach.  I love the beach and even more, I love designing with beach inspired elements.  Sure you can have beach decor anywhere in your home, indoors and out, but one of my favorite places to have a beach inspiration is in what I call, the R&R room, rest and relaxation.  Nothing says relax like getting frequent massages in Huntington Beach or other beach cities.  We might not all be able to do this, but you can easily capture that experience in your home.

To do this, find a room or even a space in your home that you can deem, the rest and relaxation section of your house.  Add a few candles in fresh ocean scents and colors, incorporate some nautical themed decor like dock lines or beach lanterns into the space.  You can also fill apothecary jars or mason jars with sand and seashells.  Then frame a few pieces of beach or ocean artwork or photographs and hang them.  If your room allows for it, give the walls a fresh set of paint and add a nice relaxing chair.

Market Umbrellas

The last post talked about outdoor patio enhancements and one of the key items was market umbrellas.  I thought this item deserved a post of its own as I’ve recently gone through the search for the perfect umbrellas for my patios, I have three in my house.

When looking at umbrellas, consider how mobile you want them to be.  Will it go in the center of a table and be fairly fixed or do you want the option to move it around the yard or patio?  It’s a good idea to invest in a couple bases, one that is more sturdy and fixed and one that has wheels.  You can also find one that provides both options, but this can be more costly. Costco has great bases for about $60 but these are heavy so make sure you have some help carrying it to it’s final destination. You can also get water or sand filled bases for about $40 and while these are easy to lift and move, they are not as secure, so if you live in a windy area, go for the sturdier kind.

Now for the umbrellas themselves, make sure you get a good quality fabric like Sunbrella that is UV protected and limits the amount of fading.  For shape you can get round or square in various sizes.  For my patios, I mixed them up.  Upstairs I have smaller 6′ square umbrellas for each balcony patio and downstairs I have two 9′ round umbrellas, one in a table and one next to some chaise lounges.