Little Details for The Big Day

Designing a memorable wedding isn’t just about the wedding day itself, it’s also about the details and other events that lead up to the final day. The key to making a success of any wedding is to be organized and to know your likes, dislikes and be informed about the elements that will make your day come together. For example, learning about tungsten rings is critical if this is the kind of ring that the groom will have. Don’t leave all the guesswork to him, rather brush up on your alternative metals and make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase the ring. He will not only be impressed, but it will show him a side of you that he may not have had a chance to see yet.

When looking at the wedding party attire, don’t just think about which bridesmaid dress your girls will wear, think also about how the pictures will look. Does the dress flatter all body types? Does it actually look good when standing still and walking as well as in a fast paced movement, like dancing? This might seem over the top, but really, all these small details play a big role in the overall success of the day. Even though it is primarily the bride’s day, what will make your day one to remember will be how it impacted everyone else and in return, your happiness will be met through repeated expressions of, “I had such an amazing time at your wedding” or “You thought of everything, it was an amazing wedding”. So, keep organized and don’t be afraid to think small so that you can truly think ever after.

Designing Performance

If you are looking for ways to improve your performance, a cross roller is the way to go. These tools, among others can really speed up and enhance your performance giving you the ultimate racing experience.

I’ve often wondered what many of the parts on engines do and for the most part, most are still a mystery. It’s hard to explain how something works to someone, often times you need to learn by taking something fully apart, dissecting the insides and seeing the engine as a skeleton to truly understand all the various components, what they do, how they work together and what is needed if one part needs to be replaced. To get a smooth operating experience and get the most life out of your engine, keeping all the parts clean, well oiled and properly tightened is critical. Sometimes, people tighten parts too much causing them to tweak or over exert which only causes strain on other components. So, keep your overall engine design in mind and learn all the parts for the best experience and look.

Travel Woes Turned Good

Friends of mine just got back from their honeymoon, the lucky couple just spent three weeks in Europe living it up with gelatto, crepes, gyros and all things Mediterranean. They had such an amazing time and their pictures are AMAZE! Hearing their tales of late nights in a Parisian cafe sipping tasty beverages as they watched the clouds play peek a boo with their view of the Eiffel Tower, sounds all to wonderful. Despite all their fabulous stories and envy rearing experiences, the one mishap, yes there is always at least one on any good trip, was the loss of the grooms wedding ring. Tragedy.

They were on a dive trip in the Mykonos and somewhere between the first and third dive, his ring was forever in the bottom of the Mediterranean Sea. So, even before they returned home, they shopped online for mens wedding bands and found an even better ring for slightly less than the original. They had it shipped to their next destination and never looked back.

A Manly Makeover

Some men need a facelift or overhaul to their look so bad it’s not even funny. A good friend of ours who have just re-entered the dating scene was so desperately in need of a makeover that I couldn’t resist accepting the challenge to take my design skills to his repertoire of clothes, jewelry, accessories and hair product.

First, the clothes. We got rid of about 80 percent of his wardrobe. Anything that was torn, tattered or faded was given to a charitable organization that provides clothes for those less fortunate. We then hit the stores, both online and at prime retail stores to get him some new clothes that fit him properly, enhanced his physique and could be easily interchangeable. Then we looked at jewelry and accessories. Most men don’t think about this, but how you accessorize is just important for men as it is women.

It helps complete the look and emphasizes the style and personality. A must have, a few cobalt rings. These are great for men who are not married but would like to give the impression that they are serious and grown up. A nice heavy bracelet is also good and a solid watch is a must. A watch more than anything else makes a statement about what kind of man you are. Last, hair product. Out with the 1990s gel and in with a light palmade to give the soft sculpted look for today’s hair styles.

Designing With Home Security In Mind

Designing your home to be safe it typically not something people think about when it comes to buying new homes or renovating a home, but this should be among the top priorities for any home buyer who wants not only a long term investment in their home, but their livelihood.

Making sure that you have working smoke detectors and a carbon monoxide alarm is first on the list of safety factors. Second, you want to think about home security cameras. Next you want to check all your doors and windows to make sure they open and close properly. Often times, people think only about whether or not a window or door closes and locks, but they neglect to think about whether or not they open quickly and as intended. A stuck window could present a dangerous situation in the case of an emergency. Last, check that your interior and exterior lights are working. Making sure that they light any dark areas that could cause harm or give bad ideas to those up to no good.