Orange and Blue

One of my new favorite design palettes is orange and blue. These colors go to well perfectly and in so many shades that you can literally decorate your entire house with various shades of orange and blue without repeating too much or over doing it above and beyond. These colors work so well together for a few reasons. First, they are contrasting and on opposite ends of the color wheel, so there is a natural balance between warm and cool tones. Plus both colors are very natural in their feel. With water and sky both wonderfully offering orange objects to feature from ocean life, sun rays and earth tones, the symmetry to one nature intended.

You can use these colors in a variety of patterns from checkered to florals, stripes and paisley patterns, the options are limitless. I like to color block in certain areas as the focal points like area rugs, wall decor and lighting fixtures and then use more subtle patterns as accent pieces in the pillows, candles artwork and drapery.

Kitchen Remodel

We are going the rough the process of trying to refinance our home to take advantage of the low interest rates and as it always happens, you can’t start down one path without it forking off in another direction. So, as a result of wanting to refi, we are also looking at making some home improvements to increase the value of our home and have the appraisal come in higher.

The areas we are looking at the kitchen and bathrooms. We’re thinking of going all out, which I’m so excited as these are in desperate need of being updated. In addition to new cabinetry, counter tops and appliances, we are also looking at ways to maximize the space. In the kitchen, one option is to include a peninsula display as we don’t have the space for a full island, but we can extend out our existing counter top. We will also be adding in new canned lights, a pendant light over our kitchen table and bar stools to accompany the peninsula display.

Pillow Fun – No Fight Needed

This is one of my most recent purchases and I just had to do a spotlight on it as it makes me so happy everytime I walk by it. Few products do this to me and when it happens, I just love it! It gives me such an accomplished sense of a successful re-design purchase and puts me in a wonderful mood – which then makes me even more inspired and creative.

This Back Bay in Orange & Blue Embroidered Pillow in crazy colors pillow from Rosenberry Rooms has such fantastic patterns with its amazing embroidery. It’s perfect for our library room giving it a playful yet classic vibe. I love the contrasting colors of blue and orange and the incorporated accents of pink and white make this such a playful pillow. Made with 100% Linen these pillows are eighteen by eighteen and make for a soft, swanky, and stylish room addition. Pair with a solid satin pillow to finish off the look.

New Dinnerware for our New Kitchen

In previous posts, I’ve talked about redoing our kitchen and as of now, we are still in the process of selecting materials, colors and coordinating the whole look. But as we’ve narrowed down our choices, we’ve come to the conclusion that we will also be updating our dinnerware too so that it goes with the new kitchen. When we got married, we didn’t register for dinnerware like most young couples do, instead we bought an inexpensive collection on sale and have been using that for the past few years, but after a few chips and broken pieces, we are definitely excited to get a new collection.

One of the sets I’ve been looking at and think will be the end result, is this beautiful set by GG Collection. This fits with our current decor as well as the new kitchen look we will have once our remodel is complete and the best part is it fits within our budget. Can’t wait to show the before and after pictures.

Fall Fashions

The summer season might be coming to end over the next few months, making room for new fall trends and fashion must haves. As a designer, it it’s always fun to see what’s in, what’s coming down the line and how old trends have been reinvented to freshened up to present a new look as opposed to a repeat of yesteryear. When it comes to women’s fashions, one of the hot looks you’ll see everywhere is the use of chevrons and color blocking. Chevrons are a great comeback from the seventies but instead of the smaller prints seen then, they are large and in charge now.

For jewelry, it’s about the same. Lots of color blocking using monochromatic schemes like reds oranges and pinks with black or white accents, turquoise, blue and black, with gemstones, platinum and white gold. If you’re looking for reputable Jewelers Huntington Beach to start you search for the hottest look in jewelry, be sure to check out their latest designs and don’t be shy about asking them to incorporate some ideas of your own.