Eye for Design

Over the years, I’ve learned a thing or two about color and contrast, using light to create the desired visual effect and knowing when and where to focus the attention and draw the eye in. I’ve recently begun looking at all things in a new light. This is a result of my new found fascination in alternative metals. I started out with my interest when I was shopping for wedding rings with my husband. I absolutely love his wedding ring and wish that I had known more about cobalt rings before we went down the path we did for my engagement ring.

The beauty of cobalt is the bright white color of the metal. It’s very similar to platinum or palladium but stands on its own. Anyway, the key to creating a focal point, be it jewelry or an art gallery or simply the decor in your home is to consider first all the materials you are working with. This goes for the woods in your home, the metals (stainless steel or brushed nickel, etc), as well as the paint colors, floors, and the amount of natural and artificial light you have to work with. Keeping all of these factors in mind will help you keep your look centered and in theme and away from the hodgepodge look so many homeowners get into when it comes to design.

Performance and Design

I don’t know much about cars or their components, like for example a cross roller, what it does or how it provides a benefit, but I do know about what makes them appealing to the mass market and that is nothing other than design and performance.

Performance is a given, you want the best for the best price and when it comes to torque, drive, and the likes, you want power, speed and control. When it comes to design, you want sleek, sexy and just the right balance between masculine and feminine lines. A good designer knows where to pull the angles so the light hits the right areas and accentuates the lines of the car. The materials, labor and attention to detail are all important. You can instantly see and hear the difference between and AMG and a Civic. There is just no denying it. The luxurious feel, the way the seats form to your body, the steering wheel and its ease in your hands. Even little things like the gap space between door panels and body panels can make or break a design.

Decor Scents

We’ve just recently renovated our kitchen and downstairs bathroom. We did the whole mix. New counter tops, new cabinets, lighting, appliances, mirrors and windows. We still need to make some drywall repairs, re-texture the walls and paint, but it’s really coming together. Once it’s all complete, we will then start on the fun part, the decor.

One thing I told my husband that I wanted to do was to really incorporate soft lighting into the mix. We have dimmer controlled lighting all over the house, but for me nothing says soft light like candles. So, I’ve been on the hunt for the best candles to use in the kitchen, living room, family room and bath and have been sold on Ribbonwick Candles. These are so beautiful and the scent lasts for such a long time, it is amazing. I love the shape of these candles and the variety of colors and scents is great for adding a flowing yet specialized scent to each area of the house.

Not Just A Diamond

A friend of mine is a remarkable jewelry designer and shares with me all the secrets of her trade. She shows me how she goes from concept to the final piece and even shows me the different sources she uses for her designer jewelry pieces and why. Having her and her inside knowledge has really helped me to look at jewelry in a whole new light. I used to think that gold was gold and a diamond was a diamond. Granted I did know a thing or two about cut and clarity, color and such, but I never really paid too much attention to where the diamond came from or the provider.

That was until she showed me FireMark Diamonds. If you’ve never compared a FireMark diamond to another brand, you’re in for a treat. FireMark diamonds have such an incredible sheen and brilliance to them that I just have not seen in my other diamonds. Now, whenever I have her work on a new ring design or necklace, I only consider my new favorite line, there is just no comparison.

Fashion Week Tips for Prom

Fashion week brings forward so many new trends that can trickle down to everyday wear, formal wear and even high school fashions, more specifically, homecoming and prom dresses. So many of the runway dresses can be seen at your local high school dances in the form of colors, fabrics, cuts and overall design.

The key to finding a good prom dress is to dress by your body type. Not all cuts look good on all body types, but there is a cut for each body type and it’s in your best interests to find a style that accentuates your figure and brings out your best assets and helps minimize your flaws, because let’s face it we all have flaws, even those seemingly perfect runway models, they just have more advantages than the rest of us, whether it’s hours dedicated to perfection, professionals from hair and makeup stylists, personal trainers, personal chefs, and wardrobe stylists whose jobs are nothing more than to make them look perfect.