A Wedding to Remember

Wedding planning can be one of the most rewarding jobs and also one of the most exhausting. There are so many details, all of which are critically important. And while it may be hard to determine where to keep the focus, there are a few tricks you can do to keep your wedding designs and plans running smoothly from concept to execution.

First is jewelry. This often is not paid as much attention as it should. The reason is, jewelry is one of the few elements of a wedding that lasts longer than the lifetime of the couple, or at least should. The days of passing on heirlooms as sort of drifted away, but this is a tradition that needs to be reborn if you will. But in order to have an heirloom worthy of passing on, it needs to be of the highest quality and something unique and special to the family. Consider custom engagement rings as one of the big focal points of your wedding and your plans will live long past the bid day itself.

Designer Diaper Bags

After researching through hundreds of reviews and testimonials looking for the perfect designer diaper bag, I settled on the Coach Diaper Bag. This designer bag is ideal as a medium sized diaper bag with lots of compartments, easily accessible and well placed pockets for things like bottles, cell phone and keys, as well as all the baby necessities, plus it’s gorgeous to say the least.

This diaper bag even expands adding a little extra room when needed and it looks great. It’s material is soft and lightweight, making it very easy to wipe off any messes. One if its best features is the stroller straps that have a great non-skid surface that securely adhere to your stroller handle. The Coach diaper bag has lasted done everything for me that it claimed to do and the best part is, it doesn’t look like a little kid bag, but a sophisticated bag any woman would be proud to carry. If you’re in search a well priced, high quality diaper bag that is functional and stylish, look no further.

Custom Exhibit Designers

If you are in the tradeshow and event business, you know there is no such thing as trade show season, it is all year long and running full strong. If you are one who likes to be always on the go, always busy and likes to build things, a career in designing trade show exhibits might just be the line of work for you.

Quality custom exhibit builders can make a decent living and enjoy great job perks too. Things like creativity, and having an analytical mind are required as well as the desire to travel. It might not always be travel to the most exotic places, but you can rely on the fact that you will visit a number of major cities. Event logistics can be a very demanding job, but if you are involved more the actual exhibit design, life is not as stressful. Designing great exhibit and tradeshow floor plans can be a wonderfully challenging job. As you are trying to draw attention in to your space using as few elements as possible.

Designing A Functional Sports Massage Room

Designing work spaces can be tricky but any room can be turned into a functional workspace with a little thought and planning. A good designer will always have the end game in mind when laying out a room. Lighting and access to electrical needs are most important as you want to make sure you are set up to succeed but still present a welcoming environment.

One of my favorite workspace re-designs was the task of turning a kids room into a massage room. The client had just shifted from mom to empty-nester and wanted to take on a new career as a sports massage therapist. She didn’t want a fru fru looking massage room as her client base was more focused around athletes. We took many queues from famous locker rooms and incorporated images of some of these throughout the room. WE set up two massage tables and used astro turf as the floor. We had motivational sayings paired with famous athletic stadiums and really made the space functional and inspirational, which for her was the best combination. She is always telling her clients that it starts with visualization and preparation builds upon that. I couldn’t’ agree more.

Designer Brand Spotlight: West Elm

West Elm is one of my favorite stores to shop, browse and soak in as much as humanly possible. It’s part of the Pottery Barn, Rejuvenation and Williams and Sonoma chain, but I still can’t help but loving everything about this brand.

They just opened a store near me in Costa Mesa and I had to pop in to see all the latest and greatest from this amazing store. Every time I get one of their catalogs, I curl up on the couch with a cup of hot coffee and pour over the pages of furniture and home decor. One of the coolest things about West Elm is their partnership with Esty.

At their new store at South Coast Plaza, they will stock and sell Etsy items from local sellers! With the recent launch of Etsy Wholesale, they’re adding local Etsy collections to all their new stores. How cool is that? It’s the best of both worlds.