Staging For Value

When it comes to buying and selling a home, the time and effort that is put into staging the house is so critical. Home buyers have to be able to picture themselves in their new home and be able to envision their life there before making an offer. A few tips on how to stage a home for selling.

First, give the home a wipe down and sparkle up touch. Clean the home or hire a cleaning crew to come through and thoroughly clean everything to make sure that your home shines rather than sulks. Next, remove nick nacks and personal items. A few pictures are okay, but try to limit the number of distractions, you want buyers to focus on your home, not your life. Add a few house plants to strategic areas. Plants equate comfort and help add color and contrast to rooms. Next, arrange furniture so that rooms are open and inviting, not closed off. And, most importantly, during the holidays, don’t overdo it on decorations, in fact, you are better off not having any decorations. This is distracting and it doesn’t show the home well.

Tis the Season for Color

When it comes to holiday decorating, it can get a little old with the traditional red and green. I like to mix it up and bring in other colors that still express winter and the spirit of the season, but without the mundane of the traditional approach.

For example, I like to use a lot of turquoise and silver and gold. I like the three colors together because the silver and gold really bring out the warmth and tone of the holiday and the turquoise gives a cool, crisp feeling. When holiday decorating, stick to a theme and find other things in that color scheme or theme. A cute idea is reindeer. If you want to make a nice arrangement of silver or pewter reindeer, you can add simple bows made of turquoise ribbon and tie them gently around each reindeer’s neck. This adds the style and keeps a tied together look.

Gardening Above

Designing your rooftop garden can be a fun weekend project to do with others in your complex or a solo adventure, but however you go about it, make sure to map out your area with chalk and transfer your plan to pen and paper so when you make that nursery run to Home Depot or Target, you know exactly what is going where, the supporting tools you’ll need.

If you are limited on space or are an urban dweller but would like to benefit from the perks of having your own or shared garden, a rooftop garden is a great option.  With plenty of sunlight, you can create a host of containers to build your garden.  From vegetable gardens to low maintenance gardens, the sky is the limit…no pun intended.  If you are considering a rooftop garden, keep in mind the exposure to the elements – and not just the amount of direct sunlight, but your impact of wind, rain and airborne creatures.  You can easily adapt to these challenges by adding shade covers and other free standing fixtures that can help protect your plants from excessive wind, sun and rain.

Heavenly Hutch

My husband and I have been in search for the perfect hutch for our living room.  We have an open floor plan in our house where the living room and family room are essentially one big room which made the selection of the right hutch a bit of a challenge. Not to mention that we needed a decent amount of storage. Ultimately, we found the perfect hutch for our room.

While we looked at several and even bought another one before we discovered it wasn’t actually big enough to take up the space in our room, the winner was this great hutch.  We got it in a deep mahogany wood that matches the other furniture in our house.  It has three drawers which are great for storing extra silverware, place settings and entertaining essentials, and it has four cabinets two smaller ones and two larger ones, which provides the perfect amount of storage for glassware, serving sets, bowls and platters.  It’s solid wood surface and top provides great counter top space for entertaining or for everyday use a great place to display framed pictures, wine accessories and candles.

Stockings for all

I love the holidays for the simple reason that anything goes. If you want to put up tacky blow up characters in your front yard, no one really complains. If you want to cover your entire house in lights, everyone comments on how pretty it is as opposed to the glaring eye sore that it would be any other time of the year.

Despite all the weird things that can happen around this time of year, there are some fun things too. Like stockings. I like to get a stocking for each member of my family and that includes pets. I don’t keep the same stockings year after year either. I like to get stocking by theme. This year, the theme is quilted. So every member of the family, including our dogs have a new quilted stocking. I shopped a few places and ultimately went with some I found at Pottery Barn because they were on sale. And since I know how to embroider, I just hand embroider each one to give it that personal touch.