Bringing Up The Focal Point

A great design technique is to change the focal point in a room to a different vantage point. You can either elevate the focal point to slightly above eye level to draw the eyes up and accentuate different design features in your home that are closer towards the ceiling than the floor.

You can also lower the focal point to below eye level by using furniture and decor items at lower than mid height, giving a low profile. This is ideal with storage type furniture like dresses, foot benches and buffets.

Area rugs and floor plants are also great design tactics used by many interior designers. Just be sure to not have conflicting focal points in any one room. You can use varying themes in different rooms and even mix a few elements to create an ecletic look. If you want a modern and clean, simple look, keep your focal points locked in their minimalist style with solids, and carrying one color throughout the room.

Ikea is a great place to get good ideas and pick up the pieces right there. If you need some design inspiration, simply walk through their entire floor of showcase rooms.

What Makes Unique Engagement Rings Worth It?

For all the time and money that goes into an engagement, the most expensive part is of course the ring. Sure the wedding will be costly and the honeymoon will have its own impact too, as well as building a life after that, but nothing is as permanent and plays like an investment like the engagement ring. That is why picking out an engagement ring becomes so important.

unique engagement rings

I like when grooms invest in unique engagement rings for a few reasons and yes, I do think they are worth it. Designing an engagement ring is a personal venture and one that holds memories for both the groom and the bride. There is a lot of pride that goes into the selection and purchase, and if it’s a custom or unique ring, there’s even more at stake.

Engagement rings are often worn for a lifetime and passed down to following generations and depending on the metal and quality of diamonds, this most certainly can become a building block to future investments, just make sure you get it insured.

Create A Focal Point in Your Living Room

The key to a great living room is to create a focal point. Unlike other rooms in the house, the living room tends to not be used as often but immediately sets the mood for the rest of the house.

To keep your house interesting and have that designer look, consider a focal point in your living room. This not only provides an anchor, but it helps draw the eye of guests and visitors into that space. There are some built in focal points like large furniture pieces, a fireplace or a piece of artwork.


Try not to have competing focal points however as this can lead to an overwhelmed feeling and be less enticing and relaxed. Televisions, particularly large screens, are automatic focal points so a current trend is to pair these with fire places so that you are keeping the eye and flow of the room in one direction. If you have artwork, display it on perpendicular walls so that it’s not in direct competition with your other focal points.

Good Hair Can Come Easily, Design it!

Whoever said good hair never came easily wasn’t very creative or didn’t have a good sense of design. Good hair is all about function, texture, ease and overall look. To design good hair for yourself, you need to simply look at things a little differently. You don’t need to waste a ton of time or money on products or treatments, but you do need to have a little discipline and patience. Use a simple mousse for volume and spray to tame flyaways.

First, you are what you eat and that goes for your skin and hair. Eat whole, organic and high nutrient foods and you will see its effect on your body. Your hair will have more shine, it will be softer, fuller and brighter than it has been. It won’t happen over night, but it will happen. Drinking plenty of high quality water is huge, hydration is the key to beautiful hair.


Once you have a good base, you then need to determine your style. The key is to frame your face. Whether you long hair or short hair, straight or curly if you always think of your hair as a frame to your face you will style it in a way that is more flattering to your face.

Good Designs for Industrial Exhibits

When it comes to designing for the workplace, a few more factors are involved than when you are designing for residential or non commercial purposes. Some general rules apply regardless of the design need, which we will go over here.


First, no your floor plan. Make sure your space is functioning and usable for your needs. If you are working in the space, you’ll want to schedule work on the space around your work hours so that you can still get your work done. Second, you will want to keep your electrical needs in mind. Current electrical codes are much stricter than they were even ten years ago, so make sure everything is permitted and you have GFIs were needed.

Good industrial exhibits will have great walk through space and plenty of seating for attendees. Keeping the flow of the show in mind in your layout is ideal, and getting a few plants to soften up the place is a good technique to make the space feel a little less industrial.