Get Designer Looks With Candle Wall Sconces

I am always looking for an easy way to add a designer look to most any room in my home. You too can get a designer look with candle wall sconces, by adding them in your front entry, to the wall next to your bathtub, maybe you want a fun look in your hallway.  I think that these would candle wall sconces would look beautiful flanking a fire place in a living room. Maybe you have a fireplace in your master bathroom, these candle wall sconces would add a great designer look in the bathroom as well.


What ever your style is, check out all that Origin Crafts has to offer. They have a huge selection of candle wall sconces that will fit with any homes decor. You will find a wide variety of sizes, styles and finishes. Add a decorative touch to brighten up your space to any wall of your home using a candle wall sconce. Shop today!


Surfer’s Paradise

Have you ever wanted to surf or do you already?  How about creating your own tribute to the world of surfing in your bedroom or home office?  You can easily make this theme apparent in your home with a few surfer cool touches.



1. Print out a few tidal maps and frame theme in drift wood frames.

2. If this is a baby’s room you can find cute hand made surf mobiles – I came across this one on a site dedicated to all things surf decor.

3. Inspiration central – pull posters from surf magazines that inspire you. Whether it is the best surfer in the world like Kelly Slater or up and comer like Matt Meola.  Make sure to get both guys and girls regardless of the gender of the occupant of the room.

4. Use netting, old surfboards, surf wax or other items that have a beach/ocean theme to it and use as decor or decor inspiration.

5. Paint the walls in dark blues, greens or go with bright turquoise and whites.


Going Green in the Kitchen

I am all about green this year. For whatever reason, I am drawn to anything that is lime green, avocado green or a bright cilantro. It’s fresh and gives off a vibrant energy that has the ability to energize me at the same time it is relaxing. What color does that better than green? None, I say. This kitchen got me thinking about redoing my mom’s kitchen. She doesn’t have a huge budget and this is a design we would replicate on a low budget so it’s perfect.

green backsplash

First, we got some green tiles at Home Depot for the backsplash. We are going to keep her countertops white but we’re going to insert a few green spots of color into the mix. This way we are not replacing the entire countertop, but just a few tiles here and there.

We painted her cabinets white and added nice bronze hardware. For her window coverings, we used bamboo and canvas to give the kitchen a fresh and tropical feel.

Don’t Skimp On Exhibit Manufacturers Design

I created this blog with the intention to focus on design elements. Whether that be design throughout the home, outfits, outdoor spaces, etc. Today, I want to talk about bringing design into your workplace. Although I may not have a degree in design, I consider myself a pretty perpetual visual designer. Not only do I love to bring design and flair to my home but also into my workplace.

If you have to be at work 40 hours a week why not make it fun? I find myself a lot more motivated and inspired when I’m in a uniquely designed space. To bring some of my fun flair into work I make sure to bring in colorful items to my work space, I never skimp on exhibit manufacturers design when creating projects and I make sure add personal touches.

Modern Meets Old World Bathroom

I love, love, love this bathroom design. It’s the perfect blend of modern and old world rustic without coming off as contradictory. The colors are beautiful and they work well together. The dark cherry cabinetry is sleek with it’s modern hardware and minimalist design.


The crown molded ceilings are a nice touch with the painted ceilings, overhead canned lights.  Paired with the sleek, modern pendant lamps hanging in front of each mirror, this room has plenty of cool yet bright light that makes this a rich oasis.

Next up is the frameless shower door enclosure.  This is a nice touch with all the stone, giving this space an expanded view and showing off the beautiful craftsmanship in the natural stone shower.

Speaking of the stone, the tumbled travertine is used as the backwall of the shower as well as the back splash in the sink, balancing out the whole bathroom.  The sink faucets are also a lovely touch coming out of the wall as opposed to traditional out of the countertop configuration.  This approach gives it a modern feel.

Last is the choice of paint. The soft light grey ties the stone and wood together very nicely and really softens the whole room.  The painted ceiling is a nice touch too.  You can find nice paint colors at your local hardware store, I get all of mine at Lowes, because I love their online tools and ability to save colors using the My Lowes feature.