Get Designer Looks With Los Angeles Exhibit Maufacturers

Based on your business taste, and marketing requirements you can have the Los Angeles  exhibit manufacturers create an exhibit for you that will make your business shine. The professionals at Expo3 will help your business produce amazing end results. The end results for your business’s exhibit will be a thoroughly designed exhibit that will drawn in more customers creating you a very profitable investment for your company. Are you ready to take your business to the next level?




Create a profitable investment for your business by getting an exhibit made by the Los Angeles exhibit manufacturers. By taking your business from portable modular displays to full trade show exhibits, you will draw in a large scale of new customers. With the help of Expo3′s experienced and well trained staff that are willing to create a custom exhibit that will allow your business to be seen at major trade shows.


Friday Fashion Designs | Long Prom Dresses

It’s Friday! TGIF. I’m not sure about you but this week was a long one for me, I thought I would celebrate by talking about one of my favorite things, fashion. You can’t deny that fashion has changed throughout the decades, take prom dresses for example. Not saying that the ongoing fashion trends are becoming any better. In the 80′s prom dresses were all about poofy shoulder pads, neon colors and shiny material. The 90′s were all about flared jeans, monotone colors and “hippie flair”. Now, prom dress revolve around revealing skin, riskay cutouts and ruffles (ugh).

I was at my little brothers prom this past weekend and was very disappointed by the number of ugly dresses I had seen. There were a handful of dresses I actually liked, but didn’t love any of the newer trendy styles. When I was in high school short prom dresses were the “in” trend, but now it’s all about long prom dresses. Most of the dresses had a fully gemmed bustier with a dramatic skirt of ruffles (to say the least I didn’t like it). I couldn’t believe how many parents allowed their daughters to reveal so much skin at high school prom! I know my Mom would have never let me, and I will never let my daughter.

Megan Bartels (from left), Aaron Eiynck, Grant Kierzek and Amanda Rubin pose for a photo before lining up for the grand march at Albany High School.

Sleep Like You Are Resort Living

When you are at a luxurious resort, it’s easy to get into vacation mode. From the first class service, to the soft sheets and comfortable beds. A lot of research goes into the amenities that will keep people coming back and inspire them to tell others about their experience.


You don’t have to go to a resort to have this kind of treatment at home. You can very easily create your own resort like oasis buy making a small investment into your bedding and linens. Offering yourself and your guests super soft sheets, new pillows and a clean and attractive area to sleep is one of the best ways to keep your friends coming back for more visits.

When picking out sheets, don’t just look at thread count, look at the material they are made out of as well. Egyptian cotton is super soft and sateen sheets are very easy on the skin. Pick a theme and a few colors to use as accent pieces and you are well on your way to making your guests feel like they are on vacation.

Designer Looks With An Ornate Engagement Rings

You can get designer looks with ornate engagement rings from Simone & Son.  Getting engaged is so exciting, the planning, the invitations, the pictures, oh the pictures!!! I love looking at all the unique engagement pictures, so fun, interesting and unique.  Showing off your engagement ring is so fun, especially when random people stop you in the mall or out shopping and compliment you! s_15188-f



Maybe you don’t see something that totally catches your attention, no worries you can have the professionals at Simone & Son help you create something that is one of  a kind. The idea behind this is lovely, you create something that not only fits your style, taste but your budget as well. No one else will ever have the same one as you do and that is something to be proud about. That alone is something to tell the grand children.



Photo Credit to Belle The Magazine

Made in the Shade

Market umbrellas are one of the quickest and easiest ways to add a little color and theme to your outdoor areas. Now available in beautiful designs and a wide assortment of colors, these patio umbrellas are ideal for blocking skin damaging ultra violet rays while still allowing cool breezes to pass through. If you get the kind that tilts, even better. This is worth the extra investment for late afternoon sun that is not directly overhead. You can find great prices online at sites like Hayneedle.


To make the most of your umbrellas, make sure to get the right size for your space. You want to have plenty of room to walk around the umbrella without having to duck or have it in the way but you don’t want it to be too small for the space either, forcing you to have to incorporate other options to fill the space.

The most important part is making sure that you get a sturdy base. Heavy winds can lift your umbrella and carry it away or cause property damage to your house or a neighbors, so make sure the base is strong and for design purposes, attractive too.