Bring on the Topiary

I love topiaries and anyone who has been to my home or office would agree as I incorporate them anywhere I can. I like to use these little perfect trees as bathroom decor, welcome plants in the foyer and as accents throughout the house. My favorite type of topiary is the button leaf. The lacy leaves are light and dark giving a lot of texture and definition. The delicate leaves are tiny in nature and very unassuming and combined into the topiary look, makes them ideal.

Topiaries Millet three 8-05

You can get real or fake topiaries, it really comes down to your green thumb ability and the amount of time you have to dedicate to your plants. I like to use some fake ones and sprinkle in real ones in key areas that get more traffic and attention. Grouping topiaries together into threes in varying heights is a great way to use them. You can also use different shapes to bring it all together. Check for good deals on fake topiaries.

Mix and Match Seating

Like the old nursery school song and game, musical chairs, you can bring a little life into your dining areas by mixing and matching chairs. Rather than get uniform chairs that all look the same, you can find complimentary chairs in sets and mix them. The key is to go all out and add lots of color and variety or to stick to two styles that have similar elements but look completely different.


For example, use a tufted set of chairs in a cream color with a wood dining room table and mix in wicker chairs that have cream cushions. This mix match decorative style is fresh and gives the statement of casual affair. Keep the other elements to a minimum and neutral like using cream napkins and linens on the table, simple greenery or all white flowers as the centerpiece. Keep your plates and place settings in a cool color like light blue for a fresh look.

I like to get inspirations from wedding sites and blogs and apply that beauty of the moment into my home.

Never Underestimate The Power of a Tablecloth

Tablecloths have been somewhat lost in recent years as new substrates have taken over like beautiful distressed wood and solid designs in stone and granite tables. But, in years passed, tablecloths made a bigger impact in dining and entertaining and with the popularity of mid-century decor made interesting again from the likes of Mad Men and other shows, fabric has never looked so good again on our kitchen and dining room tables.


A good tablecloth is a must have for new couples and should be included on wedding registries. There are a number of fabrics you can use, from hand sewn lace to burlap, twill and cotton. Use a fabric that will accent your room and at the same time bring life to the table on its own. The key to getting the right tablecloth for your needs is to make sure you have about a foot on each side of the table and on all sides. Too much and it will get in the way of your guests sitting down, too little and it won’t look right or stay in place. You can find great tablecloths at William & Sonoma, online or at Sur la Table.

Organize Your Home Office

If you have a home office, it can be easy for it to get cluttered and out of sorts. Make the most of your desk area by incorporating boards that can be used for pinning important papers, keeping inspiring quotes, fabrics or colors that will help you stay excited about things and focused are great additions to your office work board. Check out for ideas.


You can also make the most of shelves and drawers by putting things that you use on shelves and things that you don’t need to access all the time away in drawers. Make sure to make a space for items like magazines, mail and other paperwork. By giving it a home, it will help keep your office functional yet still looking clean and put away. Like the song Robin Thick’s song, BlurredLines, feel free to mix up the decor in your house to bring out the best in it. Bringing your office into a workable space is one of the best things you can do for your home decor.