Short Booties Are a Must for Fall

My latest obsession, gearing up for the Fall season is these short suede booties.

Splendid Lakota Suede Booties -  1 Splendid Lakota Suede Booties - SHOPBOP

Not only can they be worn all throughout the Fall and Winter but Spring and parts of Summer as well. I have been seeing these paired with denim cut offs, leggings, colored tights, skinnies etc. They are a wardrobe staple that will maximize your outfits. I found the perfect pair from Shopbop and will be putting in an order later today.

The temperatures around me have been a little cooler so it has me thinking Fall pieces. It’s time to invest in them now! A part of me is sad to see Summer go but Fall is my favorite season, so I’m excited about that. These booties are perfect for the Fall season and I love how they have a thicker wedge so it gives some added height, I can use all the extra height I can get.

I’m a big boot person, I’m usually really itching to get it them by the end of Summer. I have lots of tall boots so it will be a nice change to have a pair of short booties. These look so cute with skirts or dresses and tights/leggings, which is pretty much what I live in during the cooler months. Check out how cute these look in an outfit!

long sleeve dress and short boots.

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Celebs Showcase Their Designer Black Leather Handbags

If there is anything I lust more it’s handbags, designer handbags to be specific.

Two things that I absolutely love shopping for is shoes and handbags, that is how it has always been and that is how it will always be. There is no trying them on in a fitting room, messing around with fit or structure. It’s a simple yes I like it, no it doesn’t work, unlike trying on jeans or bras, two things I hate shopping for.

I get in obsessive moods over things. Right now it is designer black leather handbags and I’m obsessing over celeb’s over sized handbags. There is something classic about a black handbag. Sure, bright colored handbags are fun, but I get sick of them in a hurry. They are fun to have around to swap in and out but if I’m looking for something made of quality I’m going to opt for a black handbag. If I can afford it at the time a designer black leather handbag. After checking out celebs in magazines and online these are my favorites.

Leighton Meester with a  Fendi Peek-a-boo Leather Bag – I love how large this is. I could fit my iPad, notebooks and wallet in there with room to spare.

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Melanie Chrisholm – she is also spotted wearing a over sized leather black handbag. I really like the straps and simplicity of this bag

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My Style = Simplicity

We all have our own personal style, some are extreme and some are more simple, like myself.

When my best friend and I go shopping we are constantly picking out things for each other saying “I could see you in this” “This looks like you” etc. It’s kind of awesome how one can pick up on another’s personal fashion sense when there is no real title to it. (am I getting to philosophical on you?)

This past Summer I have been really loving the maxi dress/skirt style. Why? Because it is probably the most comfortable thing I could wear. I work from home. Some would think “OMG how awesome, you never have to get dressed!” but I love getting dressed. Sure, I could go the whole day lounging around in sweats but it makes me feel like an unproductive pig, which is why I choose comfy, simple clothing items that still make me feel like me.

I would describe my personal style as simplistic boho uniqueness. Whatever that means? I go for unique clothing pieces that have special color, stitching or shape to it. I also love basic knits such as maxi skirts, tees or tanks. I always have to feel the fabric before I buy it. This girl below pretty much describes my personal style. Check out her blog here, it’s super cute!

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Nicole Richie Style Lust

Nicole Richie street styleNicole Richie. If you would have asked me about Nicole Richie about 7 years ago I would have told you how annoying she was as Paris Hilton’s co-star on the hit reality show, The Simple Life.

Ever since Nicole Richie ditched Paris Hilton she has cleaned up her act, at least in my eyes. Rather than that stringy black streaked hair, she now has boho chic locks. If you haven’t been able to tell I am a big Nicole Richie fan. I love her boho chic fashion sense, her trendy hair cuts and her tattoos.

I have tried to achieve the Nicole Richie medium length bob with bangs and have loved it. I am now growing my hair out, bangs and all, and am finding that I’m in a bit of an awkward stage. You know the stage where your bangs are too short to fit back but too awkward of a length to wear down? That is where I’m at.

I found inspiration from Nicole Richie once again. When Nicole isn’t sporting her cute short hair she often times wears headbands and hair wraps. After seeing how cute and easy they are to style I will be purchasing plenty of these hair wraps. She makes them look so trendy! What do you think?


Kameleon Jewelpops in the Heart of Summer

Well folks this is it. We are officially in the heart of Summer.

I have to admit I’m a bit sad about this. It just seems like last week we had snow (probably because only 2 months ago we did!) I’m not looking forward to these last few weeks of Summer fading away so I’m doing all that I can to enjoy the Summer season. I make sure to grill almost every night, take advantage of fresh produce from the garden, go swimming at least once a week and take life easy.

I’m also taking advantage of huge Summer clearance sales so I have fresh new items for next Summer. I love buying Summer items now, when they are super cheap, because it feels like Christmas when I open them up next Summer. I forget about them over the Winter months and it’s really exciting when I can wear new items and didn’t have to pay for the high beginning Summer prices. That is my little trick, I do it during Fall and Winter months when clothing is highly discounted. I’m really excited about the Kameleon Jewelpops I just purchased in bright Summer colors for next season, that is my latest splurge.

Stores that have really good deals on Summer items now:

  • Target
  • Kohls
  • Gap
  • Old Navy