Fashion Crush Friday – Neon Skirt

I’m not one to typically wear skirts, or even like them for that matter, unless it’s a maxi skirt of course. To kick off labor day weekend I wanted to really wear something that screamed Summer. Nothing screams Summer more than neon colors and skirts, which is just what this dress is. I was drawn to it the second I laid eyes on it. I’m not sure if it’s because I love the way she paired it with a belt and jacket or if it’s because I’m in the Summer mood.

Neon colors have been big all Spring and Summer but can you wear them into the Fall and Winter? To take this dress from Summer to Fall I would pair it just as this outfit is along with leggings or tights for cooler temperatures. To bring it from Fall to Winter I would wear a cropped sweater, tights and boots for a sweet feminine look. Why not carry bright colors into gloomy months?

Delicious Non-Alcoholic Summer Drink

Best drink ever!!! Recipe: About 10 medium size strawberries (sliced) A half a lemon (or whole depending on your flavor preference) One whole sprig of mint leaves Fill with water and shake! Try to get more water than ice, or drink melted ice. Have fun :)So it may be Labor Day this upcoming Monday, however the weather is not letting go of Summer temperatures where I’m located. It is 90-100 with 60-70% humidity, basically it feels like I have been living on top of the equator in rainforests its so deadly hot out. We aren’t able to go to our cabin due to this heat which has everyone a little cranky.

Rather than be grumpy and whiny about the heat, I decided I would enjoy it and take in Summer’s official last weekend. I’ll be hanging out by the lake enjoying this new gem of a cocktail I discovered on Pinterest. It’s non-alcoholic and perfect for kids. It’s a detox drink and can be made in a large pitcher for guests. It’s really easy to make and super refreshing on super hot days.


Strawberries (about 10)

Mint Leaves (depending on how strong of a mint taste you want)

Lemon (again, depending on how much lemon taste you want)

Chop up strawberries, mint leaves and squirt lemon into water with lots of ice. Enjoy!

UPDATED Take on the Fishtail Braid

Surprisingly I can give myself a fishtail braid, it’s not always easy or pretty but I can do it. Since my hair has grown longer, I have been able to teach myself and practice to try to make it better, longer and tighter. When I saw this hair tutorial I was super excited because I could easily do it, it’s cute and it’s super simple. Fishtailing is easier then you think, follow these steps to get this look!

I feel like I always wear my hair the same way: bangs bobby pinned back, with either a french braid or a top knot. Maybe because it’s Summer time and it’s a lot easier to wear your hair on the top of your head or maybe because I’m bored and need some new inspiration. Follow me as I try to achieve this fishtail look.

Little Fishtails Tutorial via Join the Mood


Organization Ideas for Your Designer Black Leather Handbags

I consider myself a real girly girl, someone that loves to get dressed up for the night, wear lipstick and shop! Although I am budget savvy I do find myself splurging on what I consider necessities: designer black leather handbags, Tory Burch flats, and seven of all mankind jeans. Other things such as tees, tops and jewelry I get at a more discounted price but every once in awhile a girl has got to splurge.

Considering I do spend quite a lot on these few items I want to make sure I keep them organized, clean and looking their best, otherwise that would be a huge waste of my hard earned money. I found a couple organization ideas for the closet that were genius. I’m trying to make the most out of the small closets in my 1 bedroom apartment. Check out these foolproof, cheap and useful closet organization ideas.

Hang your purses in your closet – for easy access and make sure they don’t get dirty on the floor

Coach obsessed!!! I don't hang my purses but they do have their own closet! :)

Add Shelves for shoes – I have way to many pairs and they are thrown all over the place, I would love to be able to access them and see them easily

Eat. Sleep. Decorate.: {DIY} Home Depot Shelves Turned Shoe Organization

Roll up jeans and put into a drawer, have the butt part out so you know which kind they are

A great way to organize jeans

Deep Burgandy Lip Color by MAC

It seems the 90′s are making a comeback in a way. Darker lip color, denim jackets and printed pants. I’m loving all the updated styles from the 90′s I just hope the bowl cut doesn’t come back in style, yikes that was scary. I’m really digging this MAC lip color in Diva. This girl can really pull it off with her pretty olive skin tone and her brunette ombre hair color.

I wouldn’t mind trying this color out but think I wouldn’t be confident enough to wear it. I always have to wear a lipshade a few times before I’m comfortable in it. I sometimes think I look clownish with bright colored make up but when I see it on other people I love it. That happened when I started penciling in my eyebrows, but now I do it everyday and am uncomfortable when they aren’t filled in.

Lipstick is "Diva" by MAC