Halloween Hotdog Mummies

Happy Halloween everyone! I absolutely love this holiday, it is probably my favorite. What is not to love about crunchy leaves, pumpkins, and dressing up into a costume? This is my first year not “going out” for Halloween and it’s a very weird feeling. Rather than binge drinking in a costume, like I did in college I plan on going out for a mature dinner with drinks.

Although I’m sad about not going out like I did in college, I’m not going to miss the hangover. That’s for sure! Instead, I want to make these cute hotdog mummies for my nieces and nephews :) As soon as I saw these I knew I would make them, they are so cute and festive. I’m not a fan but my nieces and nephews love hotdogs, what kid doesn’t really? check them out here!

Edible mummies.

Pop of Color Smokey Eye

Add a pop of color to your eyelids with this pictorial. I’m always a fan of seeing a pop of colored eyeshadow, however, I never know how to apply it without looking like a clown. I’m really digging this plum/burgundy color added to the smoky eye. This pictorial is easy to follow and perfect for the beginner.

I’m definitely going to try it this weekend, I have a wedding to go to and this will be perfect. I’m not sure if I will line both lids like it shows in this picture, I feel like a witch when I do that. I have a plum colored pallet so I think I will dab into that color. One thing to keep in mind when creating a dramatic eye is to remember to fill in those eyebrows! I always think it looks so silly when there is tons of makeup on the eyelid and the eyebrows are sparse, no shame, fill ‘em!

image of Style & Beauty

Body Treatments Huntington Beach | VOTED #1 Day Spa in Orange County, CA

I have been breaking out lately with both dry skin and some acne. I’m not sure what the cause is, I’m thinking the weather changes are messing with my skin. I typically have very dry skin and it gets even worse going through winter. To try to prevent this from happening, I have been really spoiling myself with bi-weekly facials, a girl has to spoil herself somehow!

I have noticed after receiving regular facials how much nicer my skin is looking! It’s amazing what a little work can do. Although I try to give myself at home facials using all sorts of creams and DIY ideas, nothing compares to the pumpkin peel facial. Body treatments Huntington Beach offers, is hard to find. After being voted #1 Day Spa in Orange County, I can’t help but find myself coming back all the time. I have been finding tons of really good deals and coupons, which makes it possible for me to go so often.

Fashion Blogger Inspiration

If you are looking for style inspiration, especially for work outfits, look at this blog! This girl comes up with the cutest outfits, wearing items from Target and Forever 21. All of us have similar items to her, but if you’re like me you lose ways to incorporate them. She takes items you probably already have and mixes them in a way I never thought. It seems like her wardrobe is so huge!

Not that I have to dress up for my job, but if you do you need to check this out. She posts regularly so there is always something new to see too. I always go to her blog if I’m stuck in a “fashion fog” or just looking for some fashion inspiration. I see her pins on Pinterest all the time and they get tons of repins, like thousands. Check her out!

My Fave Plus Size Holiday Dresses

I know it’s only October, but I have holidays on the brain. How can you not when there are tons of Christmas commercials already playing on TV? A part of me wants to dive head first into the holiday season but then the other part of me realizes it is months away and I will have plenty of time to enjoy it. I tend to get to excited at the beginning of the season that by the time is here I’m sick of it.

Nonetheless, I found a few of my favorite plus size holidays dresses and wanted to share them with you. If you ask me you can’t celebrate the holidays without a new holiday inspired outfit. Lots of glitter and sequins are a must, as well as deep rich colors. I especially love the rose lace over satin cocktail dress, in royal blue. It’s chic, classic and oh so flattering (and it’s only $63.99) I also love the LBD on the right, in black of course. This would be the perfect dress for upcoming holiday parties. Add lace tights for more detail, what does your holiday style look like?