Starting to Detoxify With Massages Huntington Beach Juice Cleanse Shopping List + Recipes + ScheduleI have been wanting to try a cleansing diet for awhile now. I’m not the type to be able to go without food however. There are many different cleansing diets: all liquid, raw, lemon etc. I would never be able to go through with an all liquid cleansing diet, which is why I’m going to try only eating raw foods for 5 days.

I would say I’m a pretty clean eater now, however the weekends are a different story. I usually go out to eat, have drinks and not really care what I’m taking in. I have noticed that by Sunday my body feels completely run down and weak, compared to fully energized during the week when eating clean. I’m going to go through with 5-7 days of only eating raw foods. I am also going to start my series of massages Huntington Beach spas offer for detoxifying reasons. This will help to further the cleansing process as well as circulate nerves. I literally can’t wait to kick this off, I know I’m going to feel fabulous once it’s over!

DIY Turban Headband

I’m a vendor in a craft show this weekend, my second year, I’m really excited. Being my first year last year I really didn’t know what to expect. I made tons of really cute headbands, and they pretty much all sold! It was definitely my best seller item. This year, I made a ton of headbands and hair clips, with the hopes that they will sell well again.

I just found this really cute DIY Turban Headband tutorial and am thinking I will mock up a few of these too. I have a feeling these would be really hot sellers too. Use old stretchy fabric or t-shirts to make them, talk about comfy! Follow the full tutorial here >>


Gift Ideas for Engaged Friends

I’m getting to the age where lots of my friends are getting engaged. I feel like every time I log onto Facebook there is another engaged couple, married couple or couple having babies! Ugh. Not ready for that. I haven’t had any super close friends get engaged yet but I know it’s coming soon. I never thought about what gifts to get for engaged couples, I didn’t even know you were supposed to get a gift?

Anyways, I stumbled across this idea and thought it was so cute. I know when my best friends get engaged I will totally make them something like this. It’s realistic and usable, unlike many other gifts I have seen. Also, it’s affordable. I love the nail polish and magazine ideas, also the champagne (that’s a given!) Check out this idea here.