HerStyler Hair Straightener and Curling Kit Review

My boyfriend and I exchanged Christmas presents last week, we always do it earlier than Christmas. I was so surprised when I opened mine to see the 3 piece HerStyler Hair straightener and curling kit! He knew I had been needing a new flat iron (mine is about 6 years old) and read reviews that this was a good one, it was also on Groupon which made the idea even better.

herstyler Groupon!!!

I had never heard of the brand before I opened it so I didn’t really know how it would be. I went online and read reviews of course, as well as some tutorials, the box didn’t include any instruction. The flat iron works like a charm. I read a lot of complaints that it got to hot but there is a heat setting so you can adjust that. I haven’t used the curler yet but looks fabulous! So flattered that he read reviews and picked this out for me, has anyone else used one before?

Cyber Monday! Black Handbags Online

Happy Cyber Monday Friends!Sorry, I have totally been MIA for most all of November, with the holidays I have been so busy. I know it’s no excuse but I plan on posting throughout all of December and I have lots of fun posts planned, wait for the sneak peak! Today I want to talk shopping, as I do most other days. What makes today better than most other shopping days? 1. It’s time to holiday shop and 2. It’s CYBER MONDAY. Pretty much my favorite holidays of the year, way better than Black Friday.

What are you ordering today? This has to be the biggest day of the year for people to be shopping online during work. Of course I’m on the hunt for gifts, and maybe a gift or 2 for myself, I plead guilty. I can’t resist when there are such good deals like designer black handbags online, which are never on sale. For special items like this, that only go on sale a few times a year I just have to splurge. Where are you finding hot deals?

DIY Turban Headband

I’m a vendor in a craft show this weekend, my second year, I’m really excited. Being my first year last year I really didn’t know what to expect. I made tons of really cute headbands, and they pretty much all sold! It was definitely my best seller item. This year, I made a ton of headbands and hair clips, with the hopes that they will sell well again.

I just found this really cute DIY Turban Headband tutorial and am thinking I will mock up a few of these too. I have a feeling these would be really hot sellers too. Use old stretchy fabric or t-shirts to make them, talk about comfy! Follow the full tutorial here >>


How to Wear Fall Hats

I’m a huge hat addict, no matter the season. They are the perfect go-to accessory for days where you don’t feel like doing your hair or haven’t washed it in a few days. I have baskets full of them, they take up the whole top shelf of my closet. In my opinion you can never have enough, they go with everything.

My latest obsession is felt fedoras and “safari” looking hats, as my boyfriend calls them. They are chic and right on trend for Fall. Being a simple dresser, I like to lean on accessories to wake up my otherwise plain outfit. I love chunky sweaters, solid tops and classic cuts. Hats let me explore and make my outfits unique. Are you a hat wear-er?

Dome Hat in Mink


Discounted Coach Handbags – Early Christmas Shopping

I’m pleading guilty. Yes, I have started Christmas shopping, is that so bad? I know it’s not even October yet but I found such a steal on discounted Coach handbags, I couldn’t resist. My Mom isn’t the type to purchase expensive things for herself. She lives a simple life and doesn’t splurge on little luxuries for herself (we are totally opposite).

So, if she doesn’t purchase anything for herself I make sure to spoil her and gift her with things she wouldn’t normally purchase for herself. Her birthday falls at the end of November so usually we clump her birthday and Christmas present into one. But not this year. She has been wanting a Kindle Fire for some time now and I saw they were only $159.00 at Amazon. We (my brother, Dad and myself) are getting her the Kindle Fire for her birthday and I’m getting her a cute Coach purse for Christmas. I literally can’t wait! She will be so shocked :)