HerStyler Hair Straightener and Curling Kit Review

My boyfriend and I exchanged Christmas presents last week, we always do it earlier than Christmas. I was so surprised when I opened mine to see the 3 piece HerStyler Hair straightener and curling kit! He knew I had been needing a new flat iron (mine is about 6 years old) and read reviews that this was a good one, it was also on Groupon which made the idea even better.

herstyler Groupon!!!

I had never heard of the brand before I opened it so I didn’t really know how it would be. I went online and read reviews of course, as well as some tutorials, the box didn’t include any instruction. The flat iron works like a charm. I read a lot of complaints that it got to hot but there is a heat setting so you can adjust that. I haven’t used the curler yet but looks fabulous! So flattered that he read reviews and picked this out for me, has anyone else used one before?

My Favorite Spa in Huntington Beach

I have to admit – the holidays took a lot out of me. I don’t understand how such a joyous holiday can bring on so much stress. From buying gifts, making sweets and traveling, the stress builds for me. In a way I’m kind of glad when it’s over.

This year I had an amazing Christmas and to reward myself for the year I’m taking myself to my favorite spa in Huntington Beach for a much needed “me day”. I need to recharge my batteries, not to mention a good scrub on my face. Along with holiday stress, the Winter has terrorized my poor flaky skin. It’s time to rejuvenate myself in time for a new year!

Christmas Eve Nails

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! The day has finally come, Santa comes tonight ;) It’s a tradition on this day for my family and I to bake tons of cookies, and it’s not Christmas until I have red nails, I say. After we get our baking done I will be throwing on some Essie red label.

What is everyone else up to today? Christmas Eve is always a low key day for my family. We hang out at home together all day and then we all go to church in the evening. My Mom usually makes something tasty for dinner, like steaks on the grill, but with temps around -10 degrees, I think we will pass on the grilling outside. Hope everyone has a joyous holiday!

Inspiring Holiday Looks

It’s officially the holiday season! Bring on the glitter, sequins and red lips because this is the most inspiring looks to wear. It’s not the holidays without rich colors, tons of glitter or jewels and red lips/nails.

With Christmas only a week away, it’s time to nail down some holiday looks for parties and family get togethers. These looks inspired me to create a rich feeling outfit for the holiday season. Hope they inspire you too!

Red: it’s not Christmas without a bold red color! Loving the pop of gold

Holiday outfit

Sparkles + Neutral: a neutral chunky sweater and a glittery skirt? Perfect holiday look

DIY Body Wash

I have been a real DIY’er for some time now and I have began venturing into all DIY beauty products. You know the saying, “you are what you eat” well the same applies to “you are what you apply to your skin”.

It seems ironic to me that we would eat healthy, trying to eat organic, clean, vegetarian or gluten free but then we pile on beauty products made with harsh chemicals. It just doesn’t really make sense.

In an effort to live a healthier lifestyle I tried this recipe out for homemade body wash. I followed these directions exactly and it worked! I used a peppermint bar of soap rather than amazing grace but it’s awesome!

Follow the tutorial here.