My Favorite Spa in Huntington Beach

I have to admit – the holidays took a lot out of me. I don’t understand how such a joyous holiday can bring on so much stress. From buying gifts, making sweets and traveling, the stress builds for me. In a way I’m kind of glad when it’s over.

This year I had an amazing Christmas and to reward myself for the year I’m taking myself to my favorite spa in Huntington Beach for a much needed “me day”. I need to recharge my batteries, not to mention a good scrub on my face. Along with holiday stress, the Winter has terrorized my poor flaky skin. It’s time to rejuvenate myself in time for a new year!

Starting to Detoxify With Massages Huntington Beach Juice Cleanse Shopping List + Recipes + ScheduleI have been wanting to try a cleansing diet for awhile now. I’m not the type to be able to go without food however. There are many different cleansing diets: all liquid, raw, lemon etc. I would never be able to go through with an all liquid cleansing diet, which is why I’m going to try only eating raw foods for 5 days.

I would say I’m a pretty clean eater now, however the weekends are a different story. I usually go out to eat, have drinks and not really care what I’m taking in. I have noticed that by Sunday my body feels completely run down and weak, compared to fully energized during the week when eating clean. I’m going to go through with 5-7 days of only eating raw foods. I am also going to start my series of massages Huntington Beach spas offer for detoxifying reasons. This will help to further the cleansing process as well as circulate nerves. I literally can’t wait to kick this off, I know I’m going to feel fabulous once it’s over!

Body Treatments Huntington Beach | VOTED #1 Day Spa in Orange County, CA

I have been breaking out lately with both dry skin and some acne. I’m not sure what the cause is, I’m thinking the weather changes are messing with my skin. I typically have very dry skin and it gets even worse going through winter. To try to prevent this from happening, I have been really spoiling myself with bi-weekly facials, a girl has to spoil herself somehow!

I have noticed after receiving regular facials how much nicer my skin is looking! It’s amazing what a little work can do. Although I try to give myself at home facials using all sorts of creams and DIY ideas, nothing compares to the pumpkin peel facial. Body treatments Huntington Beach offers, is hard to find. After being voted #1 Day Spa in Orange County, I can’t help but find myself coming back all the time. I have been finding tons of really good deals and coupons, which makes it possible for me to go so often.

After a Day Like Today I NEED Massages in Huntington Beach

You know those days, or even those weeks, where it seems like everything is going wrong. If it’s not one thing, it’s another.

They say bad things come in 3′s and after today I had my 3rd bad thing happen for the week. Today calls for massages in Huntington Beach. If it weren’t for relaxing days at the spa or working out, I would be a wreck. I take my stress out on working out and then completely pampering myself.

Well this week has been one of those weeks so this afternoon I will be going on the longest, sweatiest run followed by weight lifting and a shower. I will then go get a facial and massage to completely unwind. This is how I relieve stress, it has always worked for me and it completely rejuvenates me, what’s your de-stress method?