Christmas Eve Nails

Happy Christmas Eve everyone! The day has finally come, Santa comes tonight ;) It’s a tradition on this day for my family and I to bake tons of cookies, and it’s not Christmas until I have red nails, I say. After we get our baking done I will be throwing on some Essie red label.

What is everyone else up to today? Christmas Eve is always a low key day for my family. We hang out at home together all day and then we all go to church in the evening. My Mom usually makes something tasty for dinner, like steaks on the grill, but with temps around -10 degrees, I think we will pass on the grilling outside. Hope everyone has a joyous holiday!

Best Fall Nail Colors

Happy Friday!

I haven’t brought myself to get a manicure in ages and I’m really in the mood today, it is Friday after all. I am a huge fan of gel manicures but have noticed they leave my nails damaged, so I think a regular old manicure is perfect. I have a wedding tomorrow and a birthday dinner tonight so I thought that was enough excuse to go get myself one, what do you think?

I get easily overwhelmed when going into a nail salon, I mean look at all those colors! It usually takes me awhile to pick a color so I like having an idea in mind before stepping in of what color I want. I found a few of my favorites that I really like. I really like tan/mocha color and the pop of gold glitter really adds a lot to it. I’m usually not a green nail color girl but the dark green color on the right is gorgeous! I always love a good grey/mauve color as well, decisions decisions!

Fall nails <3 Omgosh lovvveeee!I usually don't like green nails, but this is a gorgeous shade.So delicate fall nails