Gift Ideas for Engaged Friends

I’m getting to the age where lots of my friends are getting engaged. I feel like every time I log onto Facebook there is another engaged couple, married couple or couple having babies! Ugh. Not ready for that. I haven’t had any super close friends get engaged yet but I know it’s coming soon. I never thought about what gifts to get for engaged couples, I didn’t even know you were supposed to get a gift?

Anyways, I stumbled across this idea and thought it was so cute. I know when my best friends get engaged I will totally make them something like this. It’s realistic and usable, unlike many other gifts I have seen. Also, it’s affordable. I love the nail polish and magazine ideas, also the champagne (that’s a given!) Check out this idea here.


Simplicity Wins

I love that denim jackets are back in style. I always loved the look, its comfy and casual. I’m also a big fan of simplicity. I think less is more, especially when talking about fashion. I always go for pieces that are bold but have a simple design. I usually focus on one key item and then tone it down with other pieces. If I’m wearing a simple top I’ll add lipstick, if I’m wearing a patterned top I’ll wear a simple shoe.

I’m a big fan of this outfit. I don’t usually see dresses this length but it’s nice. It’s comfy yet still shows off her curves. The denim jacket adds a to the simplicity of the grey dress and the shoes are fabulous! That is the best part of this outfit. This looks perfect for the weekend or even a casual Friday at work. The bag is beautiful and matches the camel colored wedges.

Orange Skinnies + Sweater Tops

These jeans look amazing on her! #coloreddenim

It’s time for all things Fall colored. I’m a big fan of corduroy and colored skinny jeans. I was just at Gap the other day and saw tons of cute colored corduroy pants, I wanted one in each color. I have a pair of coral colored skinny cords but love this blue color as well. They are so warm and last throughout the whole Winter too.

I got the photo on the left from (pictured on left are 1969 real straight cords in powerful blue) Although I’m not looking forward to cool weather I do love the layered look and the pop of color in the pants. I also love the look on the right with orange skinny jeans and short sleeved sweater. It is perfect for early Fall and the cowgirl boots are a fun touch too.

Boho Chic Fall Dresses

It’s that time of the year again. Boots, pumpkin coffee drinks and Fall wardrobe essentials.
This Fall I’m really digging boho, loose, printed dresses with long sleeves. My daily uniform is leggings with long tunics or dresses, which is probably why I’m so obsessed with these dresses. I just recently moved to a new apartment which happens to be very close to a Forever 21. Lets just say my wardrobe will probably be expanding 10 fold.

As you can see I’m really loving all of the bohemian prints and colors. They are bold but include more neutral and rich colors. Any of these can be worn with or without leggings and tights. They all would look good with boots, flats, wedges, or moccasins and can carry me through all the seasons, I think I just justified my buys?

Fashion Crush Friday – Neon Skirt

I’m not one to typically wear skirts, or even like them for that matter, unless it’s a maxi skirt of course. To kick off labor day weekend I wanted to really wear something that screamed Summer. Nothing screams Summer more than neon colors and skirts, which is just what this dress is. I was drawn to it the second I laid eyes on it. I’m not sure if it’s because I love the way she paired it with a belt and jacket or if it’s because I’m in the Summer mood.

Neon colors have been big all Spring and Summer but can you wear them into the Fall and Winter? To take this dress from Summer to Fall I would pair it just as this outfit is along with leggings or tights for cooler temperatures. To bring it from Fall to Winter I would wear a cropped sweater, tights and boots for a sweet feminine look. Why not carry bright colors into gloomy months?