HerStyler Hair Straightener and Curling Kit Review

My boyfriend and I exchanged Christmas presents last week, we always do it earlier than Christmas. I was so surprised when I opened mine to see the 3 piece HerStyler Hair straightener and curling kit! He knew I had been needing a new flat iron (mine is about 6 years old) and read reviews that this was a good one, it was also on Groupon which made the idea even better.

herstyler Groupon!!!

I had never heard of the brand before I opened it so I didn’t really know how it would be. I went online and read reviews of course, as well as some tutorials, the box didn’t include any instruction. The flat iron works like a charm. I read a lot of complaints that it got to hot but there is a heat setting so you can adjust that. I haven’t used the curler yet but looks fabulous! So flattered that he read reviews and picked this out for me, has anyone else used one before?

My Favorite Spa in Huntington Beach

I have to admit – the holidays took a lot out of me. I don’t understand how such a joyous holiday can bring on so much stress. From buying gifts, making sweets and traveling, the stress builds for me. In a way I’m kind of glad when it’s over.

This year I had an amazing Christmas and to reward myself for the year I’m taking myself to my favorite spa in Huntington Beach for a much needed “me day”. I need to recharge my batteries, not to mention a good scrub on my face. Along with holiday stress, the Winter has terrorized my poor flaky skin. It’s time to rejuvenate myself in time for a new year!

Dad Loved His AR-15 Tactical Accessories

Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! I know I did and I’m sad to see it go. It’s always a bittersweet feeling – the day after Christmas. All the hard work has been done, goods all baked, and your belly still full. The stress is finally over and now it’s time to clean it all up for next year.

One thing is for sure, I will never get sick of watching my family members open their presents. It’s really fun when you completely surprise them with something they never thought they would be getting. Yesterday, my Dad was shocked that we got him AR-15 tactical accessories, I mean you should have seen him. He never thought my Mom and I would pick them out! His face was priceless and he is completely in love with what we got him. Santa also surprised me with an iPhone 5c! I’m absolutely in love with it, what did everyone else get?

For Dad:

Hogue AR-15 Rubber Grip with Finger Grooves 



For Me:

Gift Ideas for Engaged Friends

I’m getting to the age where lots of my friends are getting engaged. I feel like every time I log onto Facebook there is another engaged couple, married couple or couple having babies! Ugh. Not ready for that. I haven’t had any super close friends get engaged yet but I know it’s coming soon. I never thought about what gifts to get for engaged couples, I didn’t even know you were supposed to get a gift?

Anyways, I stumbled across this idea and thought it was so cute. I know when my best friends get engaged I will totally make them something like this. It’s realistic and usable, unlike many other gifts I have seen. Also, it’s affordable. I love the nail polish and magazine ideas, also the champagne (that’s a given!) Check out this idea here.


Discounted Coach Handbags – Early Christmas Shopping

I’m pleading guilty. Yes, I have started Christmas shopping, is that so bad? I know it’s not even October yet but I found such a steal on discounted Coach handbags, I couldn’t resist. My Mom isn’t the type to purchase expensive things for herself. She lives a simple life and doesn’t splurge on little luxuries for herself (we are totally opposite).

So, if she doesn’t purchase anything for herself I make sure to spoil her and gift her with things she wouldn’t normally purchase for herself. Her birthday falls at the end of November so usually we clump her birthday and Christmas present into one. But not this year. She has been wanting a Kindle Fire for some time now and I saw they were only $159.00 at Amazon. We (my brother, Dad and myself) are getting her the Kindle Fire for her birthday and I’m getting her a cute Coach purse for Christmas. I literally can’t wait! She will be so shocked :)