Dad Loved His AR-15 Tactical Accessories

Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas! I know I did and I’m sad to see it go. It’s always a bittersweet feeling – the day after Christmas. All the hard work has been done, goods all baked, and your belly still full. The stress is finally over and now it’s time to clean it all up for next year.

One thing is for sure, I will never get sick of watching my family members open their presents. It’s really fun when you completely surprise them with something they never thought they would be getting. Yesterday, my Dad was shocked that we got him AR-15 tactical accessories, I mean you should have seen him. He never thought my Mom and I would pick them out! His face was priceless and he is completely in love with what we got him. Santa also surprised me with an iPhone 5c! I’m absolutely in love with it, what did everyone else get?

For Dad:

Hogue AR-15 Rubber Grip with Finger Grooves 



For Me:

Delicious Non-Alcoholic Summer Drink

Best drink ever!!! Recipe: About 10 medium size strawberries (sliced) A half a lemon (or whole depending on your flavor preference) One whole sprig of mint leaves Fill with water and shake! Try to get more water than ice, or drink melted ice. Have fun :)So it may be Labor Day this upcoming Monday, however the weather is not letting go of Summer temperatures where I’m located. It is 90-100 with 60-70% humidity, basically it feels like I have been living on top of the equator in rainforests its so deadly hot out. We aren’t able to go to our cabin due to this heat which has everyone a little cranky.

Rather than be grumpy and whiny about the heat, I decided I would enjoy it and take in Summer’s official last weekend. I’ll be hanging out by the lake enjoying this new gem of a cocktail I discovered on Pinterest. It’s non-alcoholic and perfect for kids. It’s a detox drink and can be made in a large pitcher for guests. It’s really easy to make and super refreshing on super hot days.


Strawberries (about 10)

Mint Leaves (depending on how strong of a mint taste you want)

Lemon (again, depending on how much lemon taste you want)

Chop up strawberries, mint leaves and squirt lemon into water with lots of ice. Enjoy!

Add Some Color to Your Outdoor Space

Repin CraftsThere are a few places of the home where it’s highly recommended to include lots of color. Outdoor spaces, kid’s playrooms, and kitchens, according to me. I like to keep my bedroom, living space and bathrooms calm and relaxing as a retreat. Outdoor space should be full of life, color and plants. When I say color I don’t mean every color of the rainbow, rather, splashes of colors here, patterns there and bringing them all together in a way that is both calming and unique.

This deck is inspirational. I love the Tiffany Blue antique looking furniture with a printed area outdoor/indoor rug and throw pillows. There is plenty of color and pattern but is still livable. The sofa is comfortable looking but acts as a patio couch. It looks perfect to curl up on and take a nap, read a book or sip a cocktail. I could get used to it. I also love how the door coming from the house is a unique color. To get the rustic look paint your furniture with the desired color. Take some sandpaper and rough up edges giving an antique feel. Super easy to achieve and makes a beautiful detail.

Get Designer Looks With Candle Wall Sconces

I am always looking for an easy way to add a designer look to most any room in my home. You too can get a designer look with candle wall sconces, by adding them in your front entry, to the wall next to your bathtub, maybe you want a fun look in your hallway.  I think that these would candle wall sconces would look beautiful flanking a fire place in a living room. Maybe you have a fireplace in your master bathroom, these candle wall sconces would add a great designer look in the bathroom as well.


What ever your style is, check out all that Origin Crafts has to offer. They have a huge selection of candle wall sconces that will fit with any homes decor. You will find a wide variety of sizes, styles and finishes. Add a decorative touch to brighten up your space to any wall of your home using a candle wall sconce. Shop today!


A Modern Pool for a Modern Home

If you are looking to redesign your backyard and modern is your style, there are so many wonderful advancements in pools that turn your backyard into your own private oasis. From infinity pools, lap pools and swim spas to salt water technology, there has never been a better time to invest in a backyard pool makeover.

I love clean sleek modern looking pools like this one, simply due to its simplicity and clean design. It’s inviting and give the appearance of a fancy rooftop hotel pool.


You can easily get this look in your yard if you have the room for a pool. You will definitely want to consult a landscape architect to make sure everything is laid out right and use using the space in your yard as efficiently as possible. They can help make sure you incorporate native plants to your region that are beautiful yet energy conserving as well as pool friendly.

Get some ideas of pools you like, check out this site for a few pool options that might peak your interest.