My Favorite Spa in Huntington Beach

I have to admit – the holidays took a lot out of me. I don’t understand how such a joyous holiday can bring on so much stress. From buying gifts, making sweets and traveling, the stress builds for me. In a way I’m kind of glad when it’s over.

This year I had an amazing Christmas and to reward myself for the year I’m taking myself to my favorite spa in Huntington Beach for a much needed “me day”. I need to recharge my batteries, not to mention a good scrub on my face. Along with holiday stress, the Winter has terrorized my poor flaky skin. It’s time to rejuvenate myself in time for a new year!

Stylish Girl Newborn Baby Clothes for the Holidays

The other day I posted about Inspiring Holiday Looks, which also inspired me to create some holiday outfits for little ones. There is nothing sweeter than seeing a little child all dressed up for Christmas, beyond excited about Santa, I just love it.

Although I don’t have kids myself, many of my friends do and I know there are tons of hip Mom’s out there looking for a unique way to dress their babies for the season. I have a few inspiring ideas combining girl newborn baby clothes along with toddler clothes for the Christmas season, enjoy!

Innocent Stripes – okay could this get any cuter? Comfy and oh so festive, I love one pieces for babies!


Plaid and tunic sweater is so sweet for little baby girls! And those tights :)

"Baby Girl Holiday Outfit" by soundtrak7 on Polyvore


Inspiring Holiday Looks

It’s officially the holiday season! Bring on the glitter, sequins and red lips because this is the most inspiring looks to wear. It’s not the holidays without rich colors, tons of glitter or jewels and red lips/nails.

With Christmas only a week away, it’s time to nail down some holiday looks for parties and family get togethers. These looks inspired me to create a rich feeling outfit for the holiday season. Hope they inspire you too!

Red: it’s not Christmas without a bold red color! Loving the pop of gold

Holiday outfit

Sparkles + Neutral: a neutral chunky sweater and a glittery skirt? Perfect holiday look

Halloween Hotdog Mummies

Happy Halloween everyone! I absolutely love this holiday, it is probably my favorite. What is not to love about crunchy leaves, pumpkins, and dressing up into a costume? This is my first year not “going out” for Halloween and it’s a very weird feeling. Rather than binge drinking in a costume, like I did in college I plan on going out for a mature dinner with drinks.

Although I’m sad about not going out like I did in college, I’m not going to miss the hangover. That’s for sure! Instead, I want to make these cute hotdog mummies for my nieces and nephews :) As soon as I saw these I knew I would make them, they are so cute and festive. I’m not a fan but my nieces and nephews love hotdogs, what kid doesn’t really? check them out here!

Edible mummies.

Style Inspiration – Layering

black & white polka dot layered with colorful sweater.I’m always attracted to bright colors and polka dots, which is why I’m completely obsessed with this look. If I had to pin point my personal fashion style I would call it a bohemian-classic-clean look. Although those words don’t make much sense together, I have days where I’m “feeling” each way. Some days I wear button downs for a preppy twist, sometimes very loose whimsical tops that channel my bohemian look. Every day is different, as I’m sure yours is to.

I have yet to pair a button down top with a sweater like this but I always love the look. Whenever I try to do it I feel I can’t pull it off, yet I’m always attracted to it. I love the way this top is paired with the lace embellished sweater. I have a lot of sweaters, and even sweatshirts, like this one. I always think the neckline is weird but would be much be3tter with layers underneath. This completely inspired me and I hope it does for you to!