Organization Ideas for Your Designer Black Leather Handbags

I consider myself a real girly girl, someone that loves to get dressed up for the night, wear lipstick and shop! Although I am budget savvy I do find myself splurging on what I consider necessities: designer black leather handbags, Tory Burch flats, and seven of all mankind jeans. Other things such as tees, tops and jewelry I get at a more discounted price but every once in awhile a girl has got to splurge.

Considering I do spend quite a lot on these few items I want to make sure I keep them organized, clean and looking their best, otherwise that would be a huge waste of my hard earned money. I found a couple organization ideas for the closet that were genius. I’m trying to make the most out of the small closets in my 1 bedroom apartment. Check out these foolproof, cheap and useful closet organization ideas.

Hang your purses in your closet – for easy access and make sure they don’t get dirty on the floor

Coach obsessed!!! I don't hang my purses but they do have their own closet! :)

Add Shelves for shoes – I have way to many pairs and they are thrown all over the place, I would love to be able to access them and see them easily

Eat. Sleep. Decorate.: {DIY} Home Depot Shelves Turned Shoe Organization

Roll up jeans and put into a drawer, have the butt part out so you know which kind they are

A great way to organize jeans

Canvas Photos

A great way to change up your wall decor is with canvas portraits.  Choosing different sizes, color treatments and arrangements is the key to making these unique focal points on your walls.  Mixing canvas photos in with framed photographs or wall art is a fun way to add diversity to your walls and incorporate a different look and texture.  There are so many different options, that you could add these all around your house yet have a completely different look depending on your application.



One idea is to select a series of photographs to create a unique progression or take on photograph and split it into sections that are printed onto different canvases making up the final scene.  This can be linear or in a grid.  Both options work really well. You can also surround your family photos from a recent vacation housed in different sized frames with a few select scenic canvases from your trip. Have some fun with it and mix it up.  Costco has great file to print prices for canvases, making it easy and the final product is excellent for a nominal price.

Compact Yet Accessible Artwork Display For Home or Office

If you’re looking for a great way to display and stow artwork and posters but you don’t have a ton of wall space to hang these treasures, using something like blueprint holders like these, can be a helpful and unique way to spice up a room and keep your artwork organized but accessible.

These compact holders can turn a boring corner into a focal point simply by displaying artwork you have yet to frame or prefer to keep unframed and more tangible.  Accenting the holder with a cool plant and comfy chair can bring life to an otherwise unused section of a room.  I’ve found this setup can be ideal for an office, library, great room or even a child’s room.  You can paint the poster bins to match the decor of your room or leave as is. The sturdy base and caster wheels make it easy to move this around.  I’ve even added one of these to each of my kids rooms and used it store magazines and books as well as their artwork.  It keeps everything tidy and seems to encourage more reading .  Now that’s an unexpected bonus!

Another Fun Way To Hang Pictures

I’m always looking for fun and unique ways to hang pictures! I love this arrangement in particular and just had to share it. This can be done with any pictures, any theme, any colors and any frames. I’m sure you get it by now, so be creative! The reason why I like this arrangement is the common theme of the babies/children and the matching frames. I am also obsessed with black and white photos so of course that caught my eye as well. I would love for my readers to share some other fun and unique ways to hang pictures!