Stylish Girl Newborn Baby Clothes for the Holidays

The other day I posted about Inspiring Holiday Looks, which also inspired me to create some holiday outfits for little ones. There is nothing sweeter than seeing a little child all dressed up for Christmas, beyond excited about Santa, I just love it.

Although I don’t have kids myself, many of my friends do and I know there are tons of hip Mom’s out there looking for a unique way to dress their babies for the season. I have a few inspiring ideas combining girl newborn baby clothes along with toddler clothes for the Christmas season, enjoy!

Innocent Stripes – okay could this get any cuter? Comfy and oh so festive, I love one pieces for babies!


Plaid and tunic sweater is so sweet for little baby girls! And those tights :)

"Baby Girl Holiday Outfit" by soundtrak7 on Polyvore


Inspiring Holiday Looks

It’s officially the holiday season! Bring on the glitter, sequins and red lips because this is the most inspiring looks to wear. It’s not the holidays without rich colors, tons of glitter or jewels and red lips/nails.

With Christmas only a week away, it’s time to nail down some holiday looks for parties and family get togethers. These looks inspired me to create a rich feeling outfit for the holiday season. Hope they inspire you too!

Red: it’s not Christmas without a bold red color! Loving the pop of gold

Holiday outfit

Sparkles + Neutral: a neutral chunky sweater and a glittery skirt? Perfect holiday look

DIY Body Wash

I have been a real DIY’er for some time now and I have began venturing into all DIY beauty products. You know the saying, “you are what you eat” well the same applies to “you are what you apply to your skin”.

It seems ironic to me that we would eat healthy, trying to eat organic, clean, vegetarian or gluten free but then we pile on beauty products made with harsh chemicals. It just doesn’t really make sense.

In an effort to live a healthier lifestyle I tried this recipe out for homemade body wash. I followed these directions exactly and it worked! I used a peppermint bar of soap rather than amazing grace but it’s awesome!

Follow the tutorial here.


Cyber Monday! Black Handbags Online

Happy Cyber Monday Friends!Sorry, I have totally been MIA for most all of November, with the holidays I have been so busy. I know it’s no excuse but I plan on posting throughout all of December and I have lots of fun posts planned, wait for the sneak peak! Today I want to talk shopping, as I do most other days. What makes today better than most other shopping days? 1. It’s time to holiday shop and 2. It’s CYBER MONDAY. Pretty much my favorite holidays of the year, way better than Black Friday.

What are you ordering today? This has to be the biggest day of the year for people to be shopping online during work. Of course I’m on the hunt for gifts, and maybe a gift or 2 for myself, I plead guilty. I can’t resist when there are such good deals like designer black handbags online, which are never on sale. For special items like this, that only go on sale a few times a year I just have to splurge. Where are you finding hot deals?

Starting to Detoxify With Massages Huntington Beach Juice Cleanse Shopping List + Recipes + ScheduleI have been wanting to try a cleansing diet for awhile now. I’m not the type to be able to go without food however. There are many different cleansing diets: all liquid, raw, lemon etc. I would never be able to go through with an all liquid cleansing diet, which is why I’m going to try only eating raw foods for 5 days.

I would say I’m a pretty clean eater now, however the weekends are a different story. I usually go out to eat, have drinks and not really care what I’m taking in. I have noticed that by Sunday my body feels completely run down and weak, compared to fully energized during the week when eating clean. I’m going to go through with 5-7 days of only eating raw foods. I am also going to start my series of massages Huntington Beach spas offer for detoxifying reasons. This will help to further the cleansing process as well as circulate nerves. I literally can’t wait to kick this off, I know I’m going to feel fabulous once it’s over!