Fun Summer Table Centerpiece

If you’re looking to entertain or if you have a special event coming up, this tropical fruit centerpiece that I found online is a great, colorful, and not too expensive way to decorate the table.

The base is made of carved-out log. It’s filled with tropical fruit and bright flowers that can be customized to fit your likes and needs.

The tablecloth and napkins can be changed to match the centerpiece. Bonus: It’s edible.:)

How to pick a color scheme

Having a certain color scheme can make or break a room. You want the room to be personal to your taste, but also look appealing to visitors in your home as well. At the end of the day, when all is said and done, however, the room is YOURS.

Pick a color that you like! Look at your clothes, your favorite items, magazines, etc for help!

Take into consideration the items/furniture that will be in the room.

Consider the lighting in the room as well. Dark colors in a poorly lit room can be depressing.

When in doubt, remember that colors opposite each other on the color wheel usually look pretty good together!

DIY Project-Photo Mosaic

Hello everyone! I live in an apartment that has three bedrooms. All three of the bedrooms have white walls. The bathroom, kitchen, living room have white walls as well. To save myself time, I can say that you would not find one wall in the apartment, building, or entire property that doesn’t have a white wall. BORING! I wish I could personalize it by painting.

I however, do NOT feel like getting kicked out and will try to personalize the blank walls in other, creative ways.

I was searching online for some DIY ideas for some cheap, easy ways to make my walls custom. I came across this really cool photo mosaic and want to try it soon! 

I like how custom it can become and that you can change the photos with the seasons or whenever you feel like it! You can also pick a general color theme, have random colors, or try something like black and white or sephia.

What a perfect, inexpensive, personal way to spice up any wall in any room!:)



Flower Pot Ideas

I’m starting to get sick of the run-of-the-mill flower pots. Yes, they are nice and traditional, but I want something fun and new.








I found some GREAT flower pot ideas here and am planning on trying a few of them out! I’ll keep you posted on how they turn out!

Design a Homemade Pet Bed

Hey everyone! This is my dog, Bosco:


He thinks he’s human and needs to sleep on the bed all the time. He, however, is sadly mistaken. We are moving to a smaller place in August, and needing to get rid if the king size bed and get a queen size one instead. I have been looking all over the place for a nice dog bed to have Bosco sleep on instead of our bed. They are so expensive!!!! I decided to design my own.:) I found this great idea on Design Sprout and decided this is what I’m going to do to ensure Bosco’s comfort. I am going to make a dog bed out of a suitcase! We have plenty laying around, and surely I have a big enough one to fit this large dog into. The dog toys can also be kept in the pockets of the suitcase! This picture is of a much smaller dog and suitcase but it should work with all sizes. Let me know if you try this!