Little Details for The Big Day

Designing a memorable wedding isn’t just about the wedding day itself, it’s also about the details and other events that lead up to the final day. The key to making a success of any wedding is to be organized and to know your likes, dislikes and be informed about the elements that will make your day come together. For example, learning about tungsten rings is critical if this is the kind of ring that the groom will have. Don’t leave all the guesswork to him, rather brush up on your alternative metals and make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase the ring. He will not only be impressed, but it will show him a side of you that he may not have had a chance to see yet.

When looking at the wedding party attire, don’t just think about which bridesmaid dress your girls will wear, think also about how the pictures will look. Does the dress flatter all body types? Does it actually look good when standing still and walking as well as in a fast paced movement, like dancing? This might seem over the top, but really, all these small details play a big role in the overall success of the day. Even though it is primarily the bride’s day, what will make your day one to remember will be how it impacted everyone else and in return, your happiness will be met through repeated expressions of, “I had such an amazing time at your wedding” or “You thought of everything, it was an amazing wedding”. So, keep organized and don’t be afraid to think small so that you can truly think ever after.

Wedding Dresses for the Bridesmaids

Summer is wedding season and there are few things more arduous for a bride than picking out her own dress, but picking out bridesmaid dresses is one of them.  The key to finding the right bridesmaid dress is price and availability.  If you are a bride and looking for the perfect dress for your ladies, don’t go down that road of worrying about whether or not they can wear it again.  No matter what the dress, they are rarely ever worn again and besides, this shouldn’t be your main concern.  This is your day after all.


Some tips to bridesmaid dress shopping is keep the price down, you can find great dresses for all your girls for less than $100.  Keep the fabrics simple and patterns to a minimum.  Just above the knee or right below the knee is the ideal length unless you are going for a more formal look and want floor length.  Color is your preference, but don’t have the dresses be the same color as your cake and other decor details.  They should blend and coordinate but never be the same.