A Manly Makeover

Some men need a facelift or overhaul to their look so bad it’s not even funny. A good friend of ours who have just re-entered the dating scene was so desperately in need of a makeover that I couldn’t resist accepting the challenge to take my design skills to his repertoire of clothes, jewelry, accessories and hair product.

First, the clothes. We got rid of about 80 percent of his wardrobe. Anything that was torn, tattered or faded was given to a charitable organization that provides clothes for those less fortunate. We then hit the stores, both online and at prime retail stores to get him some new clothes that fit him properly, enhanced his physique and could be easily interchangeable. Then we looked at jewelry and accessories. Most men don’t think about this, but how you accessorize is just important for men as it is women.

It helps complete the look and emphasizes the style and personality. A must have, a few cobalt rings. These are great for men who are not married but would like to give the impression that they are serious and grown up. A nice heavy bracelet is also good and a solid watch is a must. A watch more than anything else makes a statement about what kind of man you are. Last, hair product. Out with the 1990s gel and in with a light palmade to give the soft sculpted look for today’s hair styles.

Cobalt Inspirations

Design inspirations can come from anywhere.  I had a recent project idea that came to me when I learned about cobalt rings.  Initially, I was expecting the bright blue color that I’ve always known cobalt to be, but when I found out that this was actually a beautiful white metal used in rings and jewelry as well as for knee and hip replacements, it struck me with an idea.  Why not combine the two for a great design, mixing colors and elements.

The contrasting blue of cobalt glass jars combined with the sleek and striking look of the white cobalt metal rings inspired my inspiration for a great color theme for my bathroom.  Using the bright blue as the main wall colors and the cobalt ring color for all the metal hardware including faucets, towel racks, lighting fixtures and electrical outlets, this room could look amazing.  The bright and clean look these two colors share makes for a beautiful theme, that is simple yet striking. I am so inspired, that I can’t wait to incorporate more of these into my life.  I may just need to pick up a few of these cobalt rings and some stunning cobalt blue jewelry for me and my husband so we can wear this inspiration too.