Another Fun Way To Hang Pictures

I’m always looking for fun and unique ways to hang pictures! I love this arrangement in particular and just had to share it. This can be done with any pictures, any theme, any colors and any frames. I’m sure you get it by now, so be creative! The reason why I like this arrangement is the common theme of the babies/children and the matching frames. I am also obsessed with black and white photos so of course that caught my eye as well. I would love for my readers to share some other fun and unique ways to hang pictures!

Color Yourself Happy!

When picking colors for your bedroom (or any room for that matter), pick a color that makes you HAPPY! Choose one strong color and add a complementary one. You can tie them together with a neutral color. This makes for an easygoing equilibrium and will by far be your favorite room to go into to boost your mood and make you HAPPY! :)