Lost Socks!

I feel like I’m ALWAYS losing socks between different loads of laundry. Sometimes it almost feels as though my dryer eats a sock every now and then. This is a perfect wall-hanging for a laundry room! A plan board of wood can be painted white and you can attach clothespins to the bottom of the board (I would use wood glue, or something strong). The clothespins can also be painted for a little added effect. You can also write “lost socks” on the board with paint of a thicker permanent marker. 

Family Calendar

This is a fantastic family calendar/weekly planner. Find a picture frame with 7 or 8 smaller 4 x 6 openings for pictures. Then go to a craft store and pick out some fun scrapbook papers and cut them down to 4 x 6 to fit in the frames. You can use a whiteboard marker to write on the glass of the frames and it’s super easy to remove! Write out your families events for the week and everybody will always know what’s going on!