Celebs Showcase Their Designer Black Leather Handbags

If there is anything I lust more it’s handbags, designer handbags to be specific.

Two things that I absolutely love shopping for is shoes and handbags, that is how it has always been and that is how it will always be. There is no trying them on in a fitting room, messing around with fit or structure. It’s a simple yes I like it, no it doesn’t work, unlike trying on jeans or bras, two things I hate shopping for.

I get in obsessive moods over things. Right now it is designer black leather handbags and I’m obsessing over celeb’s over sized handbags. There is something classic about a black handbag. Sure, bright colored handbags are fun, but I get sick of them in a hurry. They are fun to have around to swap in and out but if I’m looking for something made of quality I’m going to opt for a black handbag. If I can afford it at the time a designer black leather handbag. After checking out celebs in magazines and online these are my favorites.

Leighton Meester with a  Fendi Peek-a-boo Leather Bag – I love how large this is. I could fit my iPad, notebooks and wallet in there with room to spare.

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Melanie Chrisholm – she is also spotted wearing a over sized leather black handbag. I really like the straps and simplicity of this bag

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Designer Black Leather Handbags

I am a huge fan of bags and purses, but when I found these designer black leather handbags I went a little crazy! There are so many beautiful designer bags, it is so hard to choose which one is my favorite. Shopping online is  great way to save money, not only on the handbags but on gas as well. I love shopping online and hate the hustle and bustle of stores and malls, not to mention there are just too many options some times.

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I love the options that Travel Luggage Plus offers, not to mention the great discount they have on all of their handbags.  Now I can get a Designer Black Leather Handbag at a fraction of the original price. Shopping online is easy and I can do it from the comfort of my home, just by knowing exactly what I am looking for. I’m not fighting crowds and I sitting if front of my laptop enjoying my tea while I shop. I found some amazing deals on some designer black leather handbags, now I just need to decide which one I like better. Which of these two bags are your favorite?

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