Bracelet Holder

This is a great idea for a bracelet holder! All you need is a semi shallow wooden box, some wood glue, two corona bottles (or any other kind of bottled beer, I like Corona because they seem more decorative), and of course bracelets to display! Glue the bottles to the bottom of the box, and once they dry add the bracelets and there you have a creative way to hold your bracelets!


DIY Vases


This is a great DIY craft with a beautiful end result! Buy plain, clear vases from a craft store, spray paint (these were spray painted white, but you can do any color that matches your home decor) and rubber bands. Arrange the rubber bands in random design, and spray paint away! It’s as easy as that. When you add a candle in these beautiful vases it has a gorgeous effect! 

Family Calendar

This is a fantastic family calendar/weekly planner. Find a picture frame with 7 or 8 smaller 4 x 6 openings for pictures. Then go to a craft store and pick out some fun scrapbook papers and cut them down to 4 x 6 to fit in the frames. You can use a whiteboard marker to write on the glass of the frames and it’s super easy to remove! Write out your families events for the week and everybody will always know what’s going on!