Design it Right

Don’t waste time trying to map out the perfect design space on your own, unless of course you have lots of free time, a background in design or, are uniquely adept at configuring the best layout for your working space.

Whether it’s an office space, activity room for your kids, home gym, or just looking to better organize the flow of your home and make your spaces more functional, bringing in professional help is never a bad idea. Many people shy away from hiring contractors to help with their home projects, either because of the perceived cost or because they just don’t know where to start. But, in my experienced, most weekend warriors of the home improvement arena, end up spending more money and time when they try to tackle it on their own.

Enlist the help of a local exhibit company, interior designer or even local feng shui advocates to help get your project off the ground and into motion.

Designing Your Exhibit

Many companies have lost the art of good exhibits and displays.  They have either gone over the top and loose the focus and purpose of exhibits or they have gone on the cheap and not thought enough about how they are presenting their image to new and potential customers.  This is something that has been a pet peeve of mine since my old days of working for an exhibit company.

The key to a good display design is knowing your audience and your display locale.  Will you been presenting your brand or company on a trade show floor or will it be at an outdoor event?  Is it simply to spruce up your main entrance and lobby area, which many companies fail to do so in a way that reflects the core culture and personality of the company.  Many job applicants, new customers and business partners often get the wrong impression about a company by the image they were given as they waited.  When you are considering your next display, think about the imagery used, this includes your logo and any branding communications; consider the flooring and don’t be afraid to mix surface materials like adding plush area rugs to hard wood floors.  Consider your backdrops and how you are ultimately displaying your products or service offerings.  Lastly, make sure you incorporate good overhead and spot lighting to light up the different focal points.