How to Wear Fall Hats

I’m a huge hat addict, no matter the season. They are the perfect go-to accessory for days where you don’t feel like doing your hair or haven’t washed it in a few days. I have baskets full of them, they take up the whole top shelf of my closet. In my opinion you can never have enough, they go with everything.

My latest obsession is felt fedoras and “safari” looking hats, as my boyfriend calls them. They are chic and right on trend for Fall. Being a simple dresser, I like to lean on accessories to wake up my otherwise plain outfit. I love chunky sweaters, solid tops and classic cuts. Hats let me explore and make my outfits unique. Are you a hat wear-er?

Dome Hat in Mink


Are Ponchos Back in Style?

Poncho! Hunter boots! Fall is coming!

I have been seeing sweater ponchos pop up in stores, on Pinterest and in magazines. Are they back in style? Along with denim jackets, I have always been a huge fan of the poncho, although not everyone has. They are basically like a warm blanket wrapped around you and are cute, how can you not like these?

I love this tan sweater poncho with leggings. The neckline isn’t too much (usually there is so much bunchy fabric on the neckline, this one is just the right amount). I love the long sleeve top underneath and the Hunter boots. This would be cute with regular boots too. What is your take on the poncho?


Short Booties Are a Must Have for Fall 2013

Every year I go through my closet and either give away or toss old items I know I will never wear/use again. Once I get rid of all the bad I refill it with a few of the season’s latest trends. I only pick between 3-5 must have items and then splurge on those, the rest I purchase at discounted stores such as Forever 21.

This season one of my must have items are short booties. I first spotted my eye on them at Aldo and ever since then have not been able to get them out of my head. I see images and outfits created with them and pretty much love every single look I see. The only thing I’m debating is which pair to actually purchase. I love both of these pairs below but aren’t sure which one I love more? What do you think?


Ankle boots with jeans. #styleeveryday

Short Booties Are a Must for Fall

My latest obsession, gearing up for the Fall season is these short suede booties.

Splendid Lakota Suede Booties -  1 Splendid Lakota Suede Booties - SHOPBOP

Not only can they be worn all throughout the Fall and Winter but Spring and parts of Summer as well. I have been seeing these paired with denim cut offs, leggings, colored tights, skinnies etc. They are a wardrobe staple that will maximize your outfits. I found the perfect pair from Shopbop and will be putting in an order later today.

The temperatures around me have been a little cooler so it has me thinking Fall pieces. It’s time to invest in them now! A part of me is sad to see Summer go but Fall is my favorite season, so I’m excited about that. These booties are perfect for the Fall season and I love how they have a thicker wedge so it gives some added height, I can use all the extra height I can get.

I’m a big boot person, I’m usually really itching to get it them by the end of Summer. I have lots of tall boots so it will be a nice change to have a pair of short booties. These look so cute with skirts or dresses and tights/leggings, which is pretty much what I live in during the cooler months. Check out how cute these look in an outfit!

long sleeve dress and short boots.

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