HerStyler Hair Straightener and Curling Kit Review

My boyfriend and I exchanged Christmas presents last week, we always do it earlier than Christmas. I was so surprised when I opened mine to see the 3 piece HerStyler Hair straightener and curling kit! He knew I had been needing a new flat iron (mine is about 6 years old) and read reviews that this was a good one, it was also on Groupon which made the idea even better.

herstyler Groupon!!!

I had never heard of the brand before I opened it so I didn’t really know how it would be. I went online and read reviews of course, as well as some tutorials, the box didn’t include any instruction. The flat iron works like a charm. I read a lot of complaints that it got to hot but there is a heat setting so you can adjust that. I haven’t used the curler yet but looks fabulous! So flattered that he read reviews and picked this out for me, has anyone else used one before?