Add Succulents to Your Home

Succulents are chic, add life to your home and most importantly they are super easy to grow! I’m no green thumb but I added succulents to my living room and they are still thriving. You can either add a bunch of succulents to one large planter or plant the succulents individually in small planters.

Adding succulents into shallow planters is best, as they aren’t a deep rooting plant. Personally, I think having individual succulents in chic white planters adds a design element to your home. Add them to your living room, office, bedroom or kitchen, they are just enough green to make a statement.

For a full list of directions click here.

Add Some Color to Your Outdoor Space

Repin CraftsThere are a few places of the home where it’s highly recommended to include lots of color. Outdoor spaces, kid’s playrooms, and kitchens, according to me. I like to keep my bedroom, living space and bathrooms calm and relaxing as a retreat. Outdoor space should be full of life, color and plants. When I say color I don’t mean every color of the rainbow, rather, splashes of colors here, patterns there and bringing them all together in a way that is both calming and unique.

This deck is inspirational. I love the Tiffany Blue antique looking furniture with a printed area outdoor/indoor rug and throw pillows. There is plenty of color and pattern but is still livable. The sofa is comfortable looking but acts as a patio couch. It looks perfect to curl up on and take a nap, read a book or sip a cocktail. I could get used to it. I also love how the door coming from the house is a unique color. To get the rustic look paint your furniture with the desired color. Take some sandpaper and rough up edges giving an antique feel. Super easy to achieve and makes a beautiful detail.

Bring the Outdoors in With WoodWick Candles

There is nothing more soothing or relaxing than sitting by a campfire. Although it makes my hair smell for days, the smell of campfire instantly brings back memories of Summer fun. It is something I look forward to every Summer, along with s’mores and roasting marshmallows. During the cooler months, I’m usually a hermit crab in my home and I don’t have a fireplace. To bring the outdoors in, during those cold months, I fill my home with tons of candles. There is something so inviting and welcoming that I love about them.

To bring the comfort of a campfire into my home, without spending tons of money, I rely for WookWick candles. When burning, they make a popping noise just like a campfire and burn in a way that is reminiscent to how a fire would burn. Over the years I have noticed that WoodWick candles not only last longer than other brands but they burn evenly so you aren’t throwing away a candle that is only half melted (which is one of my biggest pet peeves!) Currently, there are tons of new Spring scents but my favorites are still always the woody, outdoor smells like sand and driftwood or fireside.