Accessorize to Impress

One you are in your teens and early twenties, building up your jewelry collection isn’t something that is top of mind, however as a woman in her thirties and beyond, this becomes more imperative as you age. Suddenly, how you accent your wardrobe attire says as much about you as your resume or the car you drive.

If you are looking to add transitional jewelry pieces to your jewelry box, look for items that can be worn day and night and be dressed up or dressed down to get the most mileage out of your purchase. Accessorizing is incredibly important to pull together a look, which is essential when you are trying to make a good impression. Look for orange county jewelry designers that have diverse collections and styles so you can make the most of your visit. See how they treat other guests, pay attention to the care they provide and look at this as a long term investment, similar to how you would purchase a car. The biggest key to pulling off your look, is to build a relationship with your jeweler so that as new pieces come to market, they know your style and can alert you to your specific needs.