Kameleon Jewelpops in the Heart of Summer

Well folks this is it. We are officially in the heart of Summer.

I have to admit I’m a bit sad about this. It just seems like last week we had snow (probably because only 2 months ago we did!) I’m not looking forward to these last few weeks of Summer fading away so I’m doing all that I can to enjoy the Summer season. I make sure to grill almost every night, take advantage of fresh produce from the garden, go swimming at least once a week and take life easy.

I’m also taking advantage of huge Summer clearance sales so I have fresh new items for next Summer. I love buying Summer items now, when they are super cheap, because it feels like Christmas when I open them up next Summer. I forget about them over the Winter months and it’s really exciting when I can wear new items and didn’t have to pay for the high beginning Summer prices. That is my little trick, I do it during Fall and Winter months when clothing is highly discounted. I’m really excited about the Kameleon Jewelpops I just purchased in bright Summer colors for next season, that is my latest splurge.

Stores that have really good deals on Summer items now:

  • Target
  • Kohls
  • Gap
  • Old Navy


How to Wear Kameleon Jewelry

This Summer is all about using color as a neutral, or wearing neutrals on neutrals. Some more trends to take notice of: ombre, denim cutoffs, colored skinnies, mint green. How to pull all these trends off without looking like your over doing it?
Keep in mind your color scheme. If you want to go with one color scheme, like this Polyvore Set is showing, then be conscious of it and stick with it. You want to avoid looking like a clown at all costs. Don’t wear to many colors at one time. Stick with 1 – 3 but no more than that. This outfit is complete with an ombre top, teal skinnies and a denim cutoff to offset all of the color. A small intricate arrow necklace from the Kameleon Jewelry collection adds just enough glitz, don’t want to overwhelm the outfit with accessories. Go with a nude or black shoe to also avoid a “clown look”.