Friday Fashion Designs | Long Prom Dresses

It’s Friday! TGIF. I’m not sure about you but this week was a long one for me, I thought I would celebrate by talking about one of my favorite things, fashion. You can’t deny that fashion has changed throughout the decades, take prom dresses for example. Not saying that the ongoing fashion trends are becoming any better. In the 80′s prom dresses were all about poofy shoulder pads, neon colors and shiny material. The 90′s were all about flared jeans, monotone colors and “hippie flair”. Now, prom dress revolve around revealing skin, riskay cutouts and ruffles (ugh).

I was at my little brothers prom this past weekend and was very disappointed by the number of ugly dresses I had seen. There were a handful of dresses I actually liked, but didn’t love any of the newer trendy styles. When I was in high school short prom dresses were the “in” trend, but now it’s all about long prom dresses. Most of the dresses had a fully gemmed bustier with a dramatic skirt of ruffles (to say the least I didn’t like it). I couldn’t believe how many parents allowed their daughters to reveal so much skin at high school prom! I know my Mom would have never let me, and I will never let my daughter.

Megan Bartels (from left), Aaron Eiynck, Grant Kierzek and Amanda Rubin pose for a photo before lining up for the grand march at Albany High School.

Designer Prom Dress Tips

As you may or may not be aware, prom is right around the corner and many young ladies are in search of the perfect prom dress.  When it comes to designer dresses, there are many options, but most important is finding the right style dress for your physique.  Whether you search online or you make a trip to a local dress shop, make sure to read these tips before saying yes to the dress.

If you have a petite frame, a nice A-Line dress is a good option as well as long prom dresses.  If you are taller or have a thin, straight frame, you may want to consider short dresses.  Curvy and pear shaped gals will look amazing in empire waist dresses and halter top dresses.  And strapless dresses tend to look great on all frames, but keep in mind that dancing is the primary objective and no one wants to be heaving up their dress all night, so if you go the strapless route, make sure to invest in some fashion tape to help secure the dress and add a little extra support.