Tweed, Tights and Boots – How to Dress for Industrial Exhibits Day

Fall time is the best time for fashion. I know I write about it all the time, but there are tons of trends for this Fall that should be talked about! I’m more then ready to take out my Fall clothes from storage and pack away all of my Summer stuff. Bring on the tights, tweed and boots I say!

I’m completely obsessed with this look. This is perfect for an office job, professional yet still fashionable. This look would also look really cute with colored tights or patterned tights, think polka dots. The black sweater keeps the outfit modest and the boots are comfortable and add a fun flair. My job requires me to run a few industrial exhibits during the year, next week is my day and I’m thinking I’m going to mimic this look. Totally appropriate for work!


Another Fall Work Look

It’s all about those pencil skirts, polka dots and sweaters.


Many believe work fashion to be boring fashion, but I have to disagree. There is a point where revealing tops isn’t appropriate for the office, however fun prints and patterns are acceptable and keep your life a little more fun. I dress myself for me, not anybody else. I like to dress nice daily because it makes me feel good, not because I want to impress anybody.

When I saw this look it completely inspired me. The sweater covers everything and the pencil skirt is long, passes office appropriateness. The patterned polka dot skirt gives off a fun and interesting vibe while the black sweater keeps it professional. Since there isn’t much color going on I love the addition of the red lip. It isn’t to bold but highlights her features. This is inspiring and makes me want to copy this outfit!