Little Details for The Big Day

Designing a memorable wedding isn’t just about the wedding day itself, it’s also about the details and other events that lead up to the final day. The key to making a success of any wedding is to be organized and to know your likes, dislikes and be informed about the elements that will make your day come together. For example, learning about tungsten rings is critical if this is the kind of ring that the groom will have. Don’t leave all the guesswork to him, rather brush up on your alternative metals and make an informed decision when it comes time to purchase the ring. He will not only be impressed, but it will show him a side of you that he may not have had a chance to see yet.

When looking at the wedding party attire, don’t just think about which bridesmaid dress your girls will wear, think also about how the pictures will look. Does the dress flatter all body types? Does it actually look good when standing still and walking as well as in a fast paced movement, like dancing? This might seem over the top, but really, all these small details play a big role in the overall success of the day. Even though it is primarily the bride’s day, what will make your day one to remember will be how it impacted everyone else and in return, your happiness will be met through repeated expressions of, “I had such an amazing time at your wedding” or “You thought of everything, it was an amazing wedding”. So, keep organized and don’t be afraid to think small so that you can truly think ever after.

The Benefits of Tungsten Rings

Earlier this week, I wrote about mens wedding bands and the different types of metal alloys that can be used and I thought this would be a good time to expand on that.  One of the metals that I have recently become very fond of is tungsten.  Tungsten is a wonderful metal that is exotic in look and also its source and it has many benefits.  It’s incredibly strong, virtually indestructible and scratch proof, making rings made out of tungsten a great choice for those who tend to be hard on jewelry or do a lot of manual work with their hands.

Tungsten can also be permanently polished, so there is no need to get a new ring, have it re-dipped or repolished over the years. Many jewelers are so confident in this feature that they even guarantee it and will repolish or replace the ring at no cost.  Try to get that done with gold or platinum!  If you’d like additional tungsten ring info, there are a great many sources, but this site happens to be one of my go to sources.

Shopping for Mens Rings

Shopping for mens titanium rings can be a wonderful experience for a young couple.  It’s one of the few details during the engagement period and leading up to the wedding itself that the guys get to truly enjoy, well past the bachelor party, honeymoon and of course the pending nuptials. There are many choices when it comes to mens wedding bands, from traditional to modern, vintage to alternative.  There are also a number of options when it comes to the types of metal alloys.

No longer is the standard simple yellow gold ring the key to a happy marriage.  Now days, couples can choose from platinum, white gold, titanium, black titanium, tungsten, cobalt and other unique metals. Before you start out on your journey for the perfect ring, make sure you have a good idea of what look you and your fiance are going for, know his ring size and be in agreement on budget and your maximum spend.

Life Long Designer Touches for Your Wedding

Unique design ideas for your upcoming wedding can come in many forms. From do it yourself wedding favors, table center pieces and wedding decor to little but long term touches like your wedding jewelry.  While much of the attention is put on the bride’s jewelry, mens wedding bands are just as important.  Ladies, your guy may act like he doesn’t care much about the details of your wedding, with the exception of his bachelor party, alcohol and possibly the food, but he will care about his wedding ring for years to come.

Mens wedding bands can be selected to match the tone and metal of your ring or it can match the style of your groom.  From titanium which is a light yet sturdy metal to tungsten, a heavier and more masculine metal to palladium or cobalt, your husband to be can add his own unique touch to your wedding day and life together.